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Bruce [userpic]
Night in the City

I was actually up and dressed and ready to go at 4:10pm yesterday. I was even ready at 4:20pm, when they came by to pick me up.

So I rode up to the City with lady_morgana71, Allen, timenchanter, and Allen's parents, Jerry (Gerry?) and... oh dear. Her name starts with "Sa", so it's either Sara(h) or Sally...

We had a pleasant dinner at Darbar, though if I go back, I'll probably ask for "spicy," and not order the potato paratha, 'cause what we got was potato nan, which is quite a different bready substance. But still, good food, and fun company.

Then off to the Lumiere Theatre to see For The Bible Tells Me So. A powerful and compelling film. I was crying by the end - though I am a big wuss.

It just seems it would have more of an impact in, say, Des Moines than San Francisco. But you get what you can.

It was especially interesting seeing such a range of bible scholars talking about the childishness of those that take a giant anti-gay message out of it. The best one being the comment from the preview: "It's OK to read the Bible at a 5th grade level - when you're in the 5th grade."

Then back down here by 10:00pm or so, some desultory surfing, and sleep. Lots and lots of sleep. I've gotten up twice for a little bit, but mostly between about 2:00am and 3:30pm, I slept.

At least one interesting dream/nightmare about having a friend with the largely uncontrolled ability to access other dimensions, and the stuff that came through. It ended with a rather creepy pod people sequence.

And that's about it. I just got the shirts I ordered ages ago, and will probably get the latest discs delivered while I'm at dinner_and. UPS always comes by here after 6:00pm.

Time to get ready for the day!

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Mood: calmcalm

Definitely a good movie. And with as many screenings across the the country as it has (with more being added all the time), I think it will reach a lot of people.

I was especially glad to have it today when dealing with a conversation on Tara's family forum that had a panicked family member desperately referring us to this website. Ugh...

Oh, that is pretty disgusting.

It's amazing what people will do to keep that nice, comfortable feeling of hatred going...

The funny thing is, as religious zealots go, Tara's family (the part that is Christian anyhow) are pretty mellow. They've certainly got their beliefs, but tend to live and let live. But you twist something enough and it can get under some pretty tough skin.