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Multi-Level Madness

I didn't make it to Kristen's party yesterday until 4:30pm - about 2 and a half hours after it started.

Since timenchanter had already left, and I was supposed to get him his phone, I got there too late.

Since the marketing spiel for the travel agency scheme had just started, I got there too early.

In any case, it was the wrong time.

But hey - I sat on the couch, next to cekyr0, jeffercine, dethtonge, wissavix, and k_magic, and made quiet jokes about the situation.

It's just a simple fact - I can't take anything seriously as soon as the word "downline" is uttered.

Ah well. We hung out and had a good time munching and joking around once the presentation was over.

Then it was time to head barwards.

It was another slow-but-fun night at the bar. We had several hours of markobellydance and celticnoor, an almost completely full evening of synkitty, a similarly nearly full evening of supersniffles (who was enjoying the fact that she can now dress up, what with Halloween, and was looking quite nice), quite a bit of Roberta and her girlfriend Christine or Christina (I could swear she insisted to me that it was Christina, but everyone else called her Christine...), a similar bit of John, some moahb, some Rick, and the return after long absence of lucydogstringer.

And, of course, others, such as an appearance by trivialt, and quite a bit of Timmie after he survived what sounded like an extremely frustrating evening in the City.

Not to mention Eddie and Shawn.

Timmie, in fact, sang the last song at the end of the 11th round - Closing Time. Given it was just after 2:00am right then, 'twas quite appropriate.

The bar did... OK. Certainly not extremely well, but enough to keep the doors open.

After closing, Timmie and I headed off to beautiful Denny's for some sustenance, then made it home.

Where I surfed until something like 9:30am. In part because I've been reading this. Not that I recommend looking there. It's someone's idea of horror writing. Not quite bad enough to be another Eye of Argon, but bad enough. It's just huge, and I apparently can't stop reading something once I've started.

Which is especially too bad, since the last two thirds read like the cheat notes to a particularly bad video game. And I'm still not done.

So I've slept a little today, and I've now had dinner, and am about to head off to an evening of suicide. I may also be ordering a replacement amplifier tonight, if Paula gets me the necessary credit card info.

And supposedly she's got a plumber looking at the men's bathroom tomorrow. Change is afoot...

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