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I got to the bar, and talked to Paula a little about the cooler. First of all, it wasn't dripping that night, so a lot of the urgency was off. Second of all, even with the weather, Saturdays are busy enough she still needs to turn the thing on, so disconnecting the water isn't really an option.

So I set myself up in a booth with my laptop, and surfed.

It was kind of pathetic, in an "I paid my online bills at Nemesis" kind of way. Every now and then, someone would say hi, I'd get up and hug them, then go right back to the laptop.

I did say I was kinda burnt out on parties, no?

Around midnight I headed home, and proceeded to screw up a domain transfer. Paula's domain, as a matter of fact. When Dustin set up, he for some reason used Network Solutions as the registrar - the single most expensive one on the planet. The hosting provider I got for Paula even provides one free domain registration as part of the package. I was hoping to use that for, but that's a nightmare of a different color.

So, anyway, the registration was up later this month, so I set about transferring the domain. Which meant requesting the Transfer Authorization Code from Network Solutions. I started doing that, but it looked like they might email it, so I went to change the email contact on the account away from Dustin to me.

And noticed the "this will put a 60 day hold on transfers" just as I was clicking the OK button.

Long nerd story short, the registration was up this month, and I now can't transfer it until December. Which meant renewing it for another year at Network Solutions. Which is both expensive, and something I can't in all conscience charge Paula. Dammit.

Then some sleep, and getting up "early" (noon) Saturday to make it to my parents' on time. I hadn't been there in a month, and several things had piled up in the interim. In one case, literally: A load of garbage from the deck repair.

So I got a workout, strong-arming their pickup down to the dump - with a pause in front of princesskiti22's place to message her "Hi" - over at Oakridge.

There's another load to go, probably week after next.

Back to their place, and a few other things, including running yet another video cable to their new TV. It's now connected three different ways to the same device, with each connection having its own purpose. Modern technology - gotta love it.

And some talking and catching up, and dinner.

I said goodnight around 9:00pm, then drove like hell up to the city and Bootie, which was, as usual, awesome. Keri was there, for one thing.

As were k_magic, moahb, Brian (Bryan?), and eventually timenchanter and Ken B.

I yelled myself hoarse at the band(s), which, given my throat is still recovering, isn't too surprising. The band sets were excellent, as always, with only my usual complaint that Trixxie was wearing far too much clothing.

At around 1:40am, Timmie, Ken, and I wove our way to the Bagdad Café for some food and sobering up winding down. By the end of that, I had part of my voice back - and even some hearing!

Then home, and sleep.

I'm apparently getting more used to the City. While I took a wrong turn on each of the three trips, I managed to correct each mistake within 5 minutes, rather than my usual "find myself on the other side of town" bit.

Right now, I'm supposed to be getting ready for Kristen's party. Watch me hurry...

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