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Bruce [userpic]
I Can't Help It...

I realize that there are serious civil rights questions with bathroom sting operations such as the one Sen. Craig fell afoul of - in fact, so serious that the ACLU is helping defend him, which is a delicious irony in and of itself.

But man, conservative hypocrisy is amazing. Maybe if we just hired dommes for all these idiots, they'd stop trying to flagellate the rest of the country...

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oh my, that was awesome yet horrifying.

Maybe? Not likely.

Those sorts of things aren't even allowed on the conservative island.

Of course they aren't.

I just have come to the point that I believe that those that want to "legislate morality" feel the need to do so because they, themselves, are unable to resist the particular temptation.

Hence all the evangelists going on about the "seduction of the gay lifestyle," as if, somehow, every male on the planet, deep down, only wants to have sex with men.

Further comment redundant with content of these one, two other threads.


I can't access the first one - 'tis private - but while I can see some connection to National Coming-Out Day, the thing about the Larry Craigs of the world isn't so much that they're in the closet, but that they've spent so much of their lives trying to push others back in, and nail the door shut.

Re: Hmmm

oops, I mean one

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