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Crawlin' Along

I have no idea why the hell I've been so tired today.  Got to bed around 4ish, woke up at 10:30 long enough to go to lunch with timenchanter, who came over and helped with disc selection for a bit, then collapsed in a heap at 1:00, and didn't get up again until 4:30.  And even then, it was because someone called me.

Good thing - I was able to run off to the substation and get the last 3 days' mail.

Dragged through getting myself up and clean, and didn't drag Timmy off to Alameda until around 8:00.  Fortunately Frida&Stuart were also running late.

Had an overly large sushi dinner, then lazed in the hot tub for a couple of hours.

Then headed home, with Timmy sleeping in the passenger seat.  He at least has an excuse.  I have no idea why the hell staying awake was so damn hard.  Still, it's fun driving that stretch in the middle of the night.  It took 47 minutes to drive from Alameda to Timmy's, drop him off, and make it back home.

I did manage to finish ordering the ICs I've been procrastinating on for ages, so at least something productive occurred.

Day 5 without my laptop.  It got to the repair facility this (Wednesday) morning.  That's all I know.  Withdrawal symptoms continue.

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