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Bruce [userpic]
And Yet More...

Last night, as it turned out, was a blast. No huge crowd, but quite a nice one - with the first people there being cekyr0 and jeffercine, followed shortly by kizmet100.

It picked up a little by the third rotation...

I've been experimenting lately with just picking songs at random from the book, and went fully with that last night. I was the only person singing from the slip container. I've just been getting a little, well, bored with the selection limitation.

And I did quite well picking songs for Alex. I think I ended up writing up five new slips for him. And for Jefferson and Maggie, I still did a great job of picking songs for Alex.

Oh well. I at least got them to sing things. More or less.

On the whole, I think I did OK.

It was never a crowded night - I believe the highest number of singers in a rotation was 9. I ended a little after 2:00am, at the end of the 13th round.

Towards the end, I discovered I don't do too bad picking songs for Eddie, though Misery Business was a gamble that didn't really work out too well.

writenwrong made sure to remind me to tell people to come in Wednesday for his show - he's got a guest DJ coming in. I'll probably be dropping by after Dinner& tomorrow.

Fun people, a definitely fun time, and the bar made slightly more than Sunday - with the result that the weekend total was just a few dollars more than the average.

I did extremely well, because tips last night were phenomenal. In fact, they were quite good without the $100 dollar bill. Thank you very much!

I did the whole shutdown/load the car/Denny's/home/unload the car/surf/sleep thing, and woke up today around 2:00pm or so. Today's accomplishments so far have included verifying that my license isn't going to be suspended (whew!) and doing laundry.

Hopefully nothing urgent comes up. I don't have any dry pants right now.

And also...

Remember how I said I wouldn't be buying discs for a while? Not so much. Between the large tip, and Karaoke.com having a sale on Disney discs, well...

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good times. good times

It has been lots of fun with karaoke lately. And $100 tips? Wow. And you didn't even have to take anyone into the alley??? Guess that's where the bartenders keep going wrong. LOL.

Re: good times. good times

It has been fun lately.

And nope, no quick trips to the alley, or even the bathroom. I don't think I've even been propositioned while in the booth.

Oddly enough, though, I've been proposed to...

And as I just said to Lizz's comment, while I made out great this Monday, one does have to look at the long view. The previous weekend - which was incredibly busy - I took home a total of $8 in tips. I would hope the bartenders did at least a little better than that.

Re: good times. good times

*sigh* tis true. We must get Casey in there more often so that he can take around your tip jar, and you can have nice financial windfalls more often. :)

Eddie was the best second choice...

but misery business is for me! Soon I will come do that right..It is my new anthem...glad to see you are doing well..probably making more money in tips than I ever did :)

Re: Eddie was the best second choice...

While he made it all the way through, he didn't really know it. It was kind of funny.

And it certainly is for you. I ordered the disc because of that song, and specifically for you. So if you come sing it, that will make me very happy.

But mostly, of course, because I'll get to see you.

As far as tips, well, I really appreciate nights like Monday, but then there're times like the previous weekend, when I made a total of $8 between the two nights...