Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Fun, Fun, Fun!

Since I lingered at lunch/dinner, I only had time to put together one book before the show last night. No biggie.

timenchanter has the day off today, so he decided he'd ride along and spend the night last night. Good choice of an evening.

We didn't have a whole lot of people, but boy did we have fun. I should be able to list everyone that showed up - though I'll probably miss someone. Well, myself, Timmie, Paul was bartending, swanhart, supersixy, sjgrrrl, markobellydance, celticnoor, Sarah, Dane, Lindsay, Lucky, and the straight couple.

Most people didn't see the straight couple's antics, since they hung out in the pool room. They alone kept me laughing for a good part of the evening, because, well, it was sooo typical. The girl's name was Rachel, which we know because she actually sang. He was too chickenshit.

It was a fairly standard dynamic. Younger girl out to have a good time, and somewhat older guy trying desperately to get into her pants. I'm curious if he ever got anywhere, or if his wife suspects.

But quite apart from them - it was just a really good group dynamic. Much with the laughing and the cheering and the having good times.

And I can drink again! I'm not going to say I'm getting well, since that seems to jinx it, but I made the night without breaking out the kleenex or the teas, and could have some alcohol without my vocal chords squeaking shut.

I started at about 8:10pm, and finished around 1:35am at the end of, I believe, the 10th round. Despite appearances, the bar did reasonably well - not great, but nothing at all to cry about.

I got everything closed up - and got paid - by 2:10am, then carted a sleeping Timmie home, where I finished off the last book, then fell asleep in my chair.

I woke up for a bit around 8:00am, then crawled into bed, to wake up at about 3:30pm. I shouldn't complain about a lack of sleep.

I've talked to my insurance company, and gotten the address changed - again. They have no record of a previous change. I've also done some research into Sieve on the spam question. Thought maybe this time it would be a good idea to know the language I'm using.

And now I really should get dressed and ready for tonight. I'm curious how it's going to go.

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