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Bruce [userpic]

I seem to have figured out a couple of things.

First of all, the DMV probably doesn't think I have insurance because my insurance company has my old address.

I told them to change it back in June, and I'm fairly certain that the change went through, but everything on the site has the old address, as does the SR-22 that I got yesterday.

And of course, there's no-one to talk to until business hours tomorrow. Not that they won't, y'know, make you press a whole bunch of buttons on their voicemail system before getting around to saying that.

On a completely different front, I just realized that the bulk of my penis-enlargement spam is being sent to my LJ address, which is forwarded to my phone. I may just be able to build a filter based on that...

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Mood: annoyedannoyed

remember that columbus day is tomorrow so you can't talk to anyone then either....i am running into the same issue since my license and registration are both expired and a cop almost arrested me on saturday for it.....here's to you DMV, and the visits we are forced to make to pay homage to your greatness.....

I'm hoping my insurance company is open - I need to get things straightened out with them before I can fix the problem with the DMV.