Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Round and Round

There hasn't really been time to breathe since my last post, much less, y'know, post.

In fact, I don't have this time, really. So this is gonna be pretty sketchy.

Thursday was a pretty fine show. We had a nice turnout, and I think most people had a good time. I did have three new people leave before their turn came up, but I can't always control that. Especially since they didn't complain - they just left.

It started out relatively slow, but the first round expanded to 8 people fairly rapidly, and then it grew from there. It was likely Stacey's (not the one you're probably thinking about) last visit before she heads off to Tennessee, and Mikey H.'s last one before heading to Milwaukee.

Since Stacey was leaving, we were blessed by a visit from justnate, which is the first time I've seen him since BayCon - and that was kind of in passing. He ended up staying all night, which was muy cool.

A lot of the night passed in a blur because I wasn't doing so well. The constant stream of tea was only doing so much for my voice, and towards the last hour, I was doing some pretty embarrassing wracking coughs. It just wasn't right - it is not acceptable for the KJ to die during a show.

I ended at 1:50am, at the end of the seventh round, then proceeded to gather up everything for the little family dinner thing I'm doing for valeriesparks this evening.

The odd thing is that once the coughing finally subsided, towards the end of shutdown, I felt much better. I still do. I haven't felt the need to continuously steam my lungs since.

Go figure.

I grabbed some food at Denny's, then came home and slept.

Friday I woke up "early," and started prepping for Valerie and Josh's wedding - mostly getting my tux fitted, getting a black tie for timenchanter, grabbing a card, and getting my beard trimmed. Somehow that was enough to make sure that I didn't get home (through rush hour traffic) until 5:30pm. Timmie commented on how well I do a quick-change...

We got to the ceremony about 2 minutes after 6:00pm - when it was supposed to start. In fact, we walked in behind the Josh, at the tail end of the wedding party, as they headed up to get ready for the walk down.

Still, we got seated before things quite started. moahb let me sit next to my "date," princesskiti22, who was looking quite squee-able, and Timmie found himself a place, I believe next to Bennie.

It was a nice, and pleasantly short ceremony. They even succeeded in lighting the candle, despite it being an outdoors ceremony with a fair breeze.

I would have done a better job with the sound, but y'know.

Afterwards was a very pleasant reception and dinner, where I mostly, well, moped. I did talk to quite a few people, did have some definite fun, but, well, weddings raise all sorts of personal issues.

I know it's basically my fault I don't have someone. It's not even clear I could fit someone in my life, anyway. I know that I do the classic bit of ignoring those who are interested, while pining after those that aren't. But it still gets me down.

On the other hand, I talked to some nice people, I managed the correct shock effect with the tux (though why is it that everyone is more shocked that they can't see my toes?), and was flashed a couple of times by a very impressive superstructure.

We left around 1:00am, and came home, to find all of the remaining discs for this round of purchases. It'll be a while before I buy more.

On the other hand, this was 8 discs that needed to be put into the system. And I have a party tonight. And it's criminal to not have everything entered...

So I didn't get a huge amount of sleep last night. It takes a remarkable amount of time to assimilate a disc, when you include all the cross-checking and number of singer verification.

But they're all in. The updates can be checked in the usual place. I was hoping to print four books, but not only is there no time, but I'm out of paper. So two will have to do.

And I still need to shower, dress, load the car, drop off the tux, and scout out the restaurant...

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