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Bruce [userpic]
Crossing Over

After my last post, I enjoyed a way-too-large meal at On The Border, survived my second dosing of antibiotic, and made my way to the bar.

I honestly don't think the antibiotic is doing a damn thing, but it's a crime against humanity to not finish off a series, so I'm going to do just that.

Actually, at this point, I'm settling into the belief that I'll always be like this, and should adapt to it. At least it doesn't seem to be getting worse.

Yeah, I know - famous last words...

Anyway, the bar was pretty slow, but at least there were some people. Most of them looking for lizzstar, of course. No tranny show - just music. Paul seems to have settled into a simple music concept for the evening, at least for now.

He and supersixy both had laptops set up in the DJ booth. I turned on mine to scan in the latest disc (Oh yeah - did I mention there're now yet more songs?), and of course, to do some surfing.

They were having some tension with Nick, mostly over the fact that there was a DVD playing over the system, and he was turning up the TV volume to listen to that, and therefore causing some interesting sound conflict in a large part of the bar. Paul switched the player over to the VCR side in a fit of pique.

So, hey, my system was running. I played my two full-length movies: Nosferatu and Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning. They both work pretty well without sound.

Not that I want to make a habit of it or anything, mind you. Besides, they're my only two films.

Nick doesn't understand why Paul and Eric don't like him. I really didn't know where to start, so I kinda brushed the whole thing off when he asked me about it.

bluize and Kat were there - Kat's apparently working with a new club downtown, and was talking to a fair number of people about hiring them - including me. We'll just skip the bit about the level of class involved in scavenging for one club at another...

But hey, I need money. I'll look into it if they call me. I'll even help them proofread their flyers, if they want. Of course, maybe I'm wrong, and they do have a state of the art lightning system. I'd pay good money to see that.

I left a little after midnight, because I was feeling tired for some unaccountable reason. Christie called me lame for leaving, so I did my best to limp away.

Home, more tea, a little reading and surfing, then a fair amount of sleep.

The plan right now is to get up and clean, see if my tux is ready, have dinner, and go run this karaoke show it seems I do on Thursdays. Who knows? Maybe people'll show up this week...

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: awakeawake

You need to go back to the Almaden Lounge.

So I can do laundry and sing at the same time.

(who, me? avoidant? nah....)

At least I'm used to dive bars...

Of course, that only works as long as gridlore and I are still living in that apartment.... (Well, I suppose it'd still work wherever we wind up moving, unless it's to, like, Reno or something. But it wouldn't be nearly as convenient.)

Hmmm - yeah. I forgot you were going to try to move out of there...

Well, not right away - we've gotta save up the moving costs yet. Which should actually take us right up to the point everything there closes.... There's a new Whole Paycheck going in next year where the P/W used to be, and according to the waitstaff at City Diner, they'll be demo'ing the entire lot in the process. (Their lease is up in March, and they expect to be out of the building by February. Though I've gotten the impression that they expect to come back when the deconstruction is done.)

Hm. I should pick up a quart of avgolemono on my way home tonight.

Mmmmm... Avgolemono....

Hm. There's a whole plate o' leftovers in the office kitchen right now (the joys of corporate luncheons)...

...including a mountain of green beans...

...cooked with lemon peel.

Hm, indeed. This has considerable potential.

Before anything is said about it, I want to make one thing abundantly crystal-clear:

90% of the negativity, hostility, and passive-aggressiveness I exhibit toward Nick, is for my own reasons. Only 10%, or less, is related to Paul.

If he'd like to ask me about it some time, I'd be more than happy to give him a run down list.

Actually, I've said pretty much all I want to say on the subject - possibly a bit more.

I don't actually know most of the grievances either or you have. Hell, I don't know most of what's been told to me, because it doesn't stick in my head.

Personally, I just find him immensely clueless, blundering through life without having the slightest idea of some of the chaos he leaves in his wake.

He's interesting to observe from a distance. Those around him either find him charming or intensely annoying. I'm not sure there's any real middle ground.

Oh no no, I wasn't asking you to tell him that or anything... and I frankly don't care for the most part what you say on it. It's not like it's news for most anyone :D Making an Observation is just objective, nothing inherently wrong with that. I'm just commenting.

He is, quite simply, a child. -and to that I append my agreement of "yes" in agreement to your observation.

I just have difficulty deciding between two courses of action. Understanding the situation and explaining it to him in a more compassionate manner, and maybe helping him realize he's being a "Bull in a China Shop" among other things, or being uncaring and just as ignorant and letting him languish in his mistakes, and allow him to push the right buttons until one day he does something stupid and personally offensive, and I flatten him.

The former course of action has the inherent flaw of him adopting the attitude of "I don't care". Which is a coin-toss at this point because if he didn't care, he wouldn't have expressed "I don't know why ___ doesn't like me" concerned or not. That perhaps is more dependent on how many people are "on his side". The latter course of action is more Darwinist and would be a personal learning experience for him. Learning the hard way, in a sense.

Sometimes I think it's kind of sick that my mind tends to work like that for most people I don't care about.

"I never said I was benevolent" ;P LMAO

but I never said I was malevolent, either.

As usual, I'm the middle ground. I find him offensive, but think there's a chance at redemption. Of course you would have to want to be redeemed.

Regardless, i received a text message from him at dinner last night. He's no longer working at KoC. I doubt we'll see him much anymore, if at all.

Actually, I'm kinda part of that middle ground too. I don't hate him, I just find him annoying.

So he's gone, eh? Lasted longer than I expected.

Honestly he lasted much longer than he should or would have under any other management.

Well, yeah, and he probably left on his own, rather than being fired...

Well, it's rather difficult to be fired from a position for which there is no contract of employment. It is likely that he was told he wouldn't be scheduled for any more shifts, which amounts to the same thing, but still... "Employment" at KoC is nebulous at best.

Forgot about that.

The whole "not being scheduled" thing isn't just limited to KoC - I've seen it elsewhere.

It's kind of a shitty way to fire people, though.

Yeah, I've seen it elsewhere, too. And it is most definitely shitty. I'd feel worse about it if he didn't already have a replacement and if he didn't deserve it.

Which by the way (had to separate the comments... HA!) thanks for helping Paul out last night. He was overall pretty disappointed even though it was just the kind of "trial run" night, but the movies and assistance were very much appreciated. I know he's still stoked about the whole thing, even though he's going to be trumped by any Infirmary people who show up (such as the one DJ at about midnight) on any given Wednesday night until Liz gets back. He finds it fun, and despite me "Crossing Over" to the tired and cranky side at about 10-10:30, I still enjoyed myself. I'd never even helped in doing something like this, big or small, before and it's something I've always been curious about.

Of course. I was perfectly happy to help out.

And it's hard not be trumped by that DJ (I think his "name" is Scrawney). He's one of the better ones we've had.

Being the techno-geek I am, I'm trying to figure out if there's some reasonable way I could block the sound from the player. Something that doesn't involve using the baseline out and a separate RF modulator...

-Disconnect the speaker wiring in the television interfaces, optionally leave a dongle with a rocker switch sticking outside of the back of them to flip the speakers between on and off. If you really hunted for it, you'd find it, but that would be enough to deter MOST people.

-Disconnect the switches from the logic board behind the plastic piece on the face of the TVs. Alternatively, you can take out the buttons themselves, entirely. If there are contacts behind the buttons, take the contacts out so the volume buttons can be pushed but don't have the desired effect of bridging the connections on the board.

Or the most obvious...

-Pop the volume buttons out of the TVs. I think you run the audio through the system when you choose to, anyhow, so that will serve as the TVs audio.

As far as my greatest secret to the easiest method of quickly, cleanly, and reveribly disabling cars so people can't start them. Well, that's a secret I'll NEVER give up.

I was hoping for something that didn't involve (1) modifying each TV, or (2) tearing into a case. I'm kinda weird like that.

And the sound is already available on the board. It's one of the inputs to slider 3. Otherwise, I wouldn't want to disable the TVs, but since we've got a way to pipe through the sound system anyway...


Well, you can tear into the television, or you can split the signals and get modules for whatever, like you said before :)

You can also get some JB Weld (that might melt the plastic, though...) or something similar, and simply... permanently adhere the volume buttons in place.