Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Out and Over

Apparently, the only reason for me to ever declare that I'm going to take a nap is if I want to start a flurry of activity.

In addition to getting the documentation from my insurance company, I've gone through the DMV's automated "but I have insurance" phone system. It's one of those irritating "speak your numbers" kind of things, and I of course have a lot of congestion, so I'm curious what the effect will be.

Guess I'll try calling someone tomorrow to find out.

Then for some reason I got it in my head to finally replace my car radio. I discovered the cheap removal tools I got off eBay don't work, so I headed to Kragen - but not before a minor shopping trip at P.W. for more teas and other sundries.

Then back, an hour or so of fiddling, and voilà! A properly functioning radio.

And now I have to go grab something to eat, because it's time I took my next antibiotic...

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