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Bruce [userpic]
Always Something New

First of all, that whole "well" thing? Not so much. But at least I now have little islands of successful denial here and there, so I suppose I should be happy with what I've got.

Around about 5:00pm yesterday, I gathered myself up and went to the Santa Teresa Kaiser facility to pick up my antibiotics, then, since I was in the south at rush hour (and wanted an excuse), I went to the Oakridge Cheesecake Factory.

Which was a bit of a disappointment, really. First of all, instead of the very yummy wild mushroom they usually have on Tuesdays, it was a relatively flavorless vegetable broth.

Secondly, I'm just going to have to give up on their shepherd's pie. The first time I had it, the sauce was a wonderful, rich, red wine one. Just yummy. The second and third times, the flavor was more "oil." Not so much a flavor, as a coating of the tongue. Not a fun time.

It didn't help that the antibiotic (Azithromycin, for the hordes of people that care deeply) has "rare stomach upset symptoms." I was feeling pretty "rare" by the end of the meal.

After an extended stay in their bathroom, I decided to spread diseasetake a walk through the mall. Fortuitously, there's a tuxedo rental place there, so I arranged my tux for Friday, and then wandered into Borders because, hey, why not?

So I now own the full His Dark Materials trilogy, and am about 2/3 of the way through The Golden Compass. Not bad writing at all.

Then home, and, well, some reading. I woke up this morning around 8:00am in my chair, with some slight breathing difficulties. I have to keep feeding this stuff steam, or it coagulates. I never actually went to bed, but dragged out getting ready for the day until around 1:00pm or so, when I headed off to Panera for lunch.

I then picked a random nearby mechanic, and dropped the car off. It's been about 9,000 miles since my last oil change, and the "check engine light" came on last night. So I now have fresh oil, and have been told that it's some evap purge valve or other that's failing. He didn't think it was worth fixing right now.

The car runs well, so I'm gonna trust him.

And home, to find a letter from the DMV about my accident on August 9th, for which I filed a late SR-1 form, because my insurance company is idiotic. I was worried they were going to complain about the timing, but no.

They're suspending my license on the 31st because I had no insurance.

They apparently want an SR-22 form from the insurance company to prove that I do have such. A not-so-quick call to my company had them saying they'd be "happy to attach one" to my policy for a nominal $20 fee. So that is supposedly being mailed today, to both myself and the DMV.

I'm just trying to figure out why a required informational form is an optional policy attachment.

And that's about it. I'll be hanging out at the bar later tonight, in case Paul's concept for the evening involves microphones. I may even try to fix the broken bar light.

But first, the nappage.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: annoyedannoyed

mmm I love when antibiotics make your mouth taste like metal =p

Haven't noticed that one.

It means your car has an Evap canister, which more modern engines don't have.

It's just that Domestic automakers have lagged, and have been one of the last to update their engine designs. My Sentra had a brand new design engine, and my Jetta has a PZEV-revised version of a somewhat-older engine... so both don't have EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation = emissions) systems whatsoever, as they don't need them any more by-design. Less things to go wrong, and a HELL of a lot less vacuum tubing and various additional valves.

Although if it's NOT the one on the Evap Canister ('auto-speak' is no different, there can be 3 different names for one thing...) then it's a part of the assembly the EGR valvue itself is on.

Either way, that sort of fix is only complicated if it's in some out-of-the-way spot on your engine. Cheap part, but labor-intensive. May have to raise the engine to get to it.

If you REALLY wanted to get specific, and find out HOW well your car is running... all you need is me, my laptop, my OBD-2 connector, some specifications from a factory service manual (tolerances for voltage, pressure, etc), and an hour :D LOL

Although I have to note... though updated for no EGR, my Jetta still needs a smog pump. That ugly thing still has to do it's job on that aged engine design.

whatever illness is going around, it's seriously annoying. After a week, I still have some minor throat/head congestion stuff that is just wrecking havoc on any vocal ability. I hope I'm decently recovered by Sunday, since I'd like to make an appearance.

More and more, I just dislike the DMV. Even on the best days, their still painfully useless. Insurance companies are only SLIGHTLY better.

That stuff is about $10 a pill, I hope you have insurance. It may be cheaper to just die.

Well, a full series is only 6 pills, so it wouldn't be too bad...

But yes, I have insurance.

Of course, it's always cheaper to just die...