Bruce (kor27) wrote,

An Awesome Farewell

Last night was lizzstar's last night at the bar before flying off to Guam. She'll be there for three months, unless, of course, this has to do with a relationship.

A number of people showed up last night to see her off. A number of other people just showed up.

It was a fun night.

timenchanter was there fairly early with a remarkably awake cekyr0 and jeffercine. Then moahb appeared from his travels.

Not only did Matt&Jessica show up, but also a host of friends - many of whom sang.

We even had a couple of hours of trivialt!

I started at something like 8:10pm, I believe - I forget why the delay - and ran until about 2:10am, after giving a couple of lectures on-mic to make sure all the drinks were rounded up before then. That was the end of the 6th round, and I was going to make it that far, because Eddie was singing Why Haven't I Heard From You with Lizz, and I wanted her to go out with a bang.

It was nice that she got to sing several of the new Amy Winehouse tracks.

I spent the night in the booth with my hotpot, brewing quite a bit of hot tea, and trying to keep my voice from going.

Tonight should be entertaining.

Fairly boring after that. I got paid (A fair amount - it was a good night), had some supper at Denny's, went home, slept, got up around noon, missed the call from my doctor (He's supposed to call back "this evening"), surfed, and drank a lot more tea.

Now it's off to dinner, then an evening of very aptly-named suicide.

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