Bruce (kor27) wrote,


Last night was... different.

On the one hand, there were few people at the bar, so they didn't have to deal with me. On the other, I had to deal with me. The "steady drip" mentioned in the last post increased fairly rapidly to a raging torrent. I'm beginning to get the impression that I'm just going to spend the rest of my life sick...

But always in new and original ways. I can look forward to each new day, wondering what new kind of plague my body will inflict on me. I wouldn't be surprised at "boils," next.

Or maybe frogs.

In any case, I spent the night somewhat successfully clearing things up every 4 minutes or so, so I could announce, then getting to try to clear things up enough to sing roughly every 45 minutes.

I managed. I may not have had much range, but I managed. Sometimes even melodiously.

On the positive side - I got there a little early, and was in a position where I could start by 8:15pm. I was better organized by 8:30pm, but it would have been possible. Instead, I ran a few movies, and segued directly from the last one to the first song. I'm so smooth.

From there I ran for 9 rounds, ending at about 1:35am. I had enough room for another, but not enough voice. I closed down as rapidly as I could, then joined timenchanter, supersniffles, John, and, eventually, 777echelon at Denny's.

Interesting, fun, but rather hard with an increasing croak...

Then home. And, actually, a lot of sleep. I'm feeling sick, I'm feeling sorry for myself, but what I'm not particularly feeling is tired. For a change.

I've also ordered more discs. Someone needs to stop me.

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