Bruce (kor27) wrote,


I did the Panera thing again yesterday - hot soup and WiFi do make such a delicious combination - then made it to the bar a bit late.

Which was such a problem. I think it was a little after 9:00pm that I got around to starting. Well, I did sing another Johnny Cash song with Bob a little earlier (I Walk The Line).

A pretty dead night. I managed to fit 12 rotations between then and 2:00am. And I only ran that late because it meant supersniffles and Eddie and Shawn all got to sing a little more, since they arrived when they could.

So it's not like there weren't cool people there, just not a huge number of them at any one time.

Little Sara was there for most of the night, very depressed for a very good reason. Several of us did our best to cheer her up - I got her to sing several times, and talked to her some, sjgrrrl spent a lot of time talking to her, and Eddie gave her a fairly long dancing lesson.

I spent a lot of the night downing tea in an effort to not completely lose my voice. It never totally went away, but I was pretty squeaky at a few points.

I closed down, loaded up the equipment, and made my way to Mini Gourmet, where I ate a lot of hot food, simply, again, because my throat would feel normal while I was eating.

Then home, where I conked out in my chair because, between the food and the throat, sleeping prone wasn't an option.

After all that, I've decided to declare that today I am well. I'm still coughing up a lot of gunk, but it's all productive coughs, and my sinuses are no more congested than usual. I think I've actually made it through this.

Now I just have to deal with everyone I know being sick. It's very odd. Normally I'm one of the last to get whatever's going around.

Oh - and I've ordered 5 more discs. From the looks of things, they've all shipped already, but they likely won't be available until the Sunday show.

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