Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Not Quite Stricken Dumb...

As it is, I consumed no Ethiopian last night. blankreloaded found himself without access to his funds, and pleaded poverty. So I had myself a low-key dinner at Panera, then picked up the Casey and transported him to the bar, where I covered him for the evening.

The look of consternation and sympathy on Lily's face when I told her I was covering his tab was priceless. In fact, it was worth it just for that.

But whatever. First of all, he did help me with setup. Second of all, given the amount he's gotten for me over the years running the tip jar around (I realize he rubs some people the wrong way. Oh well), I can cover him every now and then.

Especially since, by some mystery, there's always at least one $20 bill in there every time he does it - even when there're only three other people in the bar. A conundrum, that is.

I was, oddly, ready to go by 8:00pm. Except the only people signed up were myself and Casey. dwo was there, but still ruminating on the evening's song mix.

So I started showing movies. But I started the show at 8:20pm - despite only having two singers - because of Annoying Bob.

I don't know how many bar patrons know Bob. He's generally only there early in the evening, and I'm sure he means well. But he's one of those people who go through life in a constant state of consternation due to the fact that other people don't think exactly like him.

He tipped me $20 to play Johnny Cash.

I checked the Strife™ collection, but all that was there was Hurt, and while Bob probably deserved it, I just wasn't feeling that mean. So I queued up Folsom Prison Blues and Ring of Fire for myself, and Casey volunteered to do Daddy Sang Bass, and away we went.

The funny thing being that Bob tried to sing Ring of Fire with me, did fairly horrendously, and left feeling disgusted with himself. It reflects badly on me that I was not sorry to see him go. It's not healthy for the psyche to look down on people. Especially people who give you money...

The first rotation ended up being 5 people. The second was, I believe, 13 or so. Then it grew to 20, followed by a slow slide to, well, 4. I finished at the end of the 9th round, at about 1:35am. I obviously could have fit in a 10th, but my voice was going - and there were only 4 of us. Given how conscious Casey was, closer to 3 and half, realistically.

On the whole, quite a good night. The bar did reasonably well, I did fantastically in tips, and the crowd was reasonably enthusiastic. We had the return of Julia, who brought a couple of friends, also excellent singers.

The tenshinigami, linfalgamo, and lunarrainn posse spent several hours. sjgrrrl even came out of her cave for a bit.

We had a visit from trivialt. My damn player program locked up again at the start of one of his songs, so we did the Row, row you boat round thing - except I started, on mic (after he said something about it), and he followed, while I killed and restarted the program. Didn't sound too shabby.

I spent the whole evening drinking herbal tea and dosing myself with decongestant. I'm basically over this thing, but I've got a lingering case of concrete-on-the-vocal-chords, which makes me cough constantly, which plugs up the sinuses, etc, etc, etc. So all I had to worry about was losing my voice from the gunk, or losing it from irritation from the coughing.

For whatever reason, it didn't happen. I actually wasn't singing too badly, on the whole, which rather surprised me. No complaints, though.

Lily and Paula left early in the evening, after telling me I was in charge, which was... odd. They didn't get back until just before 2:00am, apparently because of yet another vehicle failure. At that point the contents of the bar were myself, Paul, and a semi-conscious Casey.

Lily did the books fairly rapidly, so shortly I drove away with both Casey and Paul. I dropped Paul off at his hotel, got Casey some of his beloved Jack-in-the-Box, took him home, then decided to take the longish drive over to Carrows, where I settled in, and had a positively huge supper.

It does not help the waistline when warm food feels so good on your throat. I even ordered a bowl of their damn broccoli soup. I hate broccoli. But I was craving soup.

Then home, some online futzing around, and sleep. A lot of sleep. I woke up this afternoon. I'm not used to sleeping that much in one sitting. It's kinda nice. Disconcerting when the clock reads much later than you expect...

And that's about it. I ran into an online t-shirt shop with several designs I like, including one I've been drooling over for years. I queued up four shirts, and cut it down to two.

I've also had a bit of communication about the still-missing ordered discs. There're general shipment delay problems with that particular manufacturer. No ETA yet. It's kind of irritating, because I've made a fair amount of money in the last two weeks, and should order some more. It for some reason feels odd to order new discs when I still have some on backorder...

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