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One of my pet peeves is the behavior of people in lines. Well, the behavior of the people at the front of lines.

I have no problem with people that dither and delay when there isn't much of a line. You may not have had much time to think about what you want to order. And I can understand being new to a place, and not knowing (as in this instance) what comes on a tuna salad sandwich. But after you've been standing in line for 10 minutes, you shouldn't be going:

"I... woouuuullld... liiiike....."
"Two item... with a salad and.... a... sandwich...."

Followed by a search for the sandwich on the menu board - apparently because she couldn't be bothered to look before getting to the front of the line. Then a long discussion of what was and wasn't acceptable on said sandwich.

And of course, at that point - and only that point - does she start to dig into her stuff for her wallet.

And this was just a minor instance. I'm much more annoyed by people in long drive-thru lines. Specifically two things:
  • The people who decide to slowly and carefully consider the menu board once they get there. This is not a fine dining experience. You don't ask for today's specials, or what the chef recommends. In 99% of cases, you've been to this chain before. You should know what you like, and you've had quite a lot of time sitting in line to consider it. You've also had the same time to extract decisions from your kids, should you be carting a vanload of the precious little wankers.

  • The people who only start to consider finding their money after they've ordered. You've had quite a lot of time to dig up that purse and fish through it, or drag that wallet out of your back pocket. A normal drive-thru line is slow enough that I normally can drag out and present exact change with no delay. This goes for any other line as well. Getting to the front of the grocery store line is not the time to start looking for your checks. It's the time to fill out the numbers on the check you've already otherwise filled out and signed.
The main thing here is that being unnecessarily wasteful of other people's time is just as rude as flipping them off. Actually, given that flipping them off normally doesn't keep them from whatever they're doing, it could easily be argued to be more rude.

You've stolen time from them that they'll never get back.

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