Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Sleep and a BBQ

trivialt's party yesterday was slated to start at 11:30am. I was providing music for him, so I planned to be there at 11:00am to start setting up.

I made it at, well, 11:30am...

It wasn't too serious. He didn't really expect guests until 1:00pm, anyway. I didn't even set my stuff up for a while - I spent an hour or so helping him, his mother, and kozmic_tar assemble portable gazebos, assemble the results into a 7-strong megatent, place chairs, and unfold tables.

I believe I didn't get the sound going until a little after 1:00pm, when the first guest - k_magic - showed up.

We never got to be a huge group. Stanley said that about half of those that responded "yes" showed up - I assume in large part because Californians tend to panic at the prospect of rain. Their loss. The rain actually made it even more fun, as far as I'm concerned.

Though I do wish we'd done the Tim-patented inter-gazebo seal method before the major cloudburst. But that only really affected two chocolate chip cookies, anyway.

I will, as usual, fail at listing everyone who was there. However, I do need to at least mention spondee, and supersixy, and nosfour82, and tazja714, and supersniffles, and synkitty (with Tara, who hasn't quite started blogging yet), and entropyca.

There were also several friends of Stan's that I don't know, and whose names I'm not going to even try for, 'cause I suck.

And probably other people I'll remember in an hour...

In any case, a good time was had by all. After we moved inside, I even blessed the party by falling asleep on the staircase. I'm told there are pictures...

And also that I snored enough to be disturbing. Sorry!

Anyway, around 8:00pm it was dark outside, and no-one was really hanging out to hear the music, so I packed up and went home to sleep in my bed. Which is largely what I've been doing since then, with a couple of hours of consciousness here and there.

On the guilt side, I was supposed to visit my parents (again), yesterday. The idea was that I'd spend a few hours at Stan's party, head up, have dinner, come back down, and grab the sound equipment. However, I'm still kinda sick (this cough will not go away, and I'm pretty, uh, gunky), and I called off the visit. I just neglected to mention I was at a party at the time...

It honestly could have been dangerous to my dad, and was more strain than I really needed - but I was still dishonest.

Right now I'm getting myself up for the day - I'm having Ethiopian with blankreloaded in about an hour. Which means I need to stop typing, and start showering...

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