Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Random Shtuff

  • We're still in the habit of only closing the front and back screen doors to the Duplex, which isn't technically necessary anymore. But it's kinda neat with the rain right outside. It actually reminds me of my visit to Kyoto, years ago. It rained almost continually, which is beautiful when you're standing in a Buddhist temple looking out at the garden.

  • I'd forgotten how great a breakfast cold Hawaiian pizza makes.

  • Sleeping for 9 hours while coughing continuously may not be the best, is hard on the throat, and produces really odd dreams. But boy does it beat yesterday's 45 minutes.

  • I'm going to have to rework my email notification system. I got a "spam surge" about 30 strong yesterday afternoon - the second one I've had of that size. I literally can't afford that - each notification counts against my 1000 texts for the month, and I've gone over that for two months now.

  • A Few

    I have just a few new songs, mostly requests that finally got made. The track count is now 23,973, and the unique song count is 17,595.

  • The Latest Dribble

    There's a show tonight, so I thought I'd list the recent additions, which includes a few requests that became available during the hiatus. The…

  • Some More

    Just a few new songs. Some requests, a couple that looked interesting. The track count is up to 23,952 and the unique song count is now 17,574.

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