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Bruce [userpic]
Random Shtuff

  • We're still in the habit of only closing the front and back screen doors to the Duplex, which isn't technically necessary anymore. But it's kinda neat with the rain right outside. It actually reminds me of my visit to Kyoto, years ago. It rained almost continually, which is beautiful when you're standing in a Buddhist temple looking out at the garden.

  • I'd forgotten how great a breakfast cold Hawaiian pizza makes.

  • Sleeping for 9 hours while coughing continuously may not be the best, is hard on the throat, and produces really odd dreams. But boy does it beat yesterday's 45 minutes.

  • I'm going to have to rework my email notification system. I got a "spam surge" about 30 strong yesterday afternoon - the second one I've had of that size. I literally can't afford that - each notification counts against my 1000 texts for the month, and I've gone over that for two months now.

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There are some who say that pineapple and pizza should never mix.
I say de gustibus non disputandem.

Bah - there are people who object to chicken and pesto on their pizza.

To whom I say "Get a life."

My husband is one of those who believes that pineapple does not belong on pizza. But what does he know? He doesn't like Clam Chowder either or lots of mushrooms in a dish, because "it has too much mushroom flavor". He also doesn't like Key Lime Pie AND he *likes* Coconut Cream Pie! (blech - on multiple levels)

Can't you create rules for your email notification? Only notify me if so and so emails, etc.?

I don't mind people who don't want pineapple (or mushrooms) on their pizza. Everyone has different tastes, and they're all equally valid.

It's when they start proselytizing that I get a little disturbed. My tastes are valid, too, y'know.

I've had... edible coconut cream pie. I'm a little picky about my coconut flavors, and I'm not a real big fan of the texture of cream pie.

And I have to admit to being a little perturbed about someone who doesn't like clam chowder, the holy soup. But again, he has the perfect right to be a Philistine.

The Cheesecake Factory, by the way, makes a really good clam chowder. Their wild mushroom soup on Tuesdays is pretty good, too.

The problem with selective notification is that this is my official "work" email, and I don't want to miss anything important for half a day because I didn't get notified. I know what I need to do - it's a little more involved, and requires forwarding the messages to my ISP, and some script work there. Then every 10 minutes I'll get a count of messages received, and can go check what they were at my leisure.

What in the world is going on? Like 70% of the people I know are sick or debilitated in some way. All of you plague bearers.......

We should just burn you all, or load you into a catapult and launch you or the white house gates


The Buddhist temple thing sounds beautiful.


We have become too many for your puny methods to work! Ha ha haaaa!!!

Honestly, I'm a little concerned about how many people I've personally infected, since I was sick before a lot of the people I know.

On the other hand, I probably got it from others in the same group, and we all hang out together. In other words, ear,nose&throat rape was probably inevitable.

I mean, several people have had to cancel concerts because they're sick. I can guarantee you I did not give this to Justin Timberlake.

And Kyoto is an absolutely gorgeous town, especially if you're willing to slow down and simply enjoy the experience. Ya know, get all Zen'n'shit.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

The plague sounded like such a treat too! I'd have loved to contract an illness that turns my blood to jell-o and axes me in under 24 hours! Of course with my luck, I would've gotten one of the lesser fatal of the 3 plague varieties lol.