Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Made It

I slept a bit more yesterday afternoon, woke up around 3:00pm, crawled my way towards consciousness and presentability (and clean clothes - I got two loads of laundry done), and was getting ready to head out to dinner around 6:30pm when timenchanter got home.

So we went to Panera together. It actually felt a little odd - we haven't been out to dinner for a while, and I don't think I've ever been to that Panera with anyone else. But I figured my laptop would be understanding.

And then off to the bar. I had enough people, and was ready to go, by 8:35pm. But I made the mistake of playing the Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show video. Which meant I had to "explain" it by playing one of the episodes. Then someone said something about how I really should get the latest Kelly video.

So I played that.

The first round was about 5 people. The second, maybe 7. The third, about 11. Then over 20 people walked into the bar.

Brian, Danny, and Hazelyn are at the center of a fairly large group of friends. That group sometimes shows up. And it did last night, with a vengeance. The sad thing is that it was a going-away party for those three. Now, I can't seem to differentiate Brian and Danny - they both just trigger my "stocky frat-boy" mental label. The one that's involved with Hazelyn is moving with her to Denver, and the other is moving to Seattle.

About 20 minutes after the deluge of slips started from that group, the softball team walked in.

It got kinda crowded in there. And it stayed fairly crowded until about 1:00pm. The first party broke up right then, but quite a number of the second group stayed on. In the end, I finished the 6th round at something like 1:58pm.

Then dumped the second Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show on those left. It's fascinating watching the effect. I think I've found the video equivalent to LSD.

One of the positives of the evening was Amanda, who's come in before and tentatively sung a song here and there. She caught the bug, and not only sang as much as she could manage, but dragged a few people into duets with her. We'll be seeing a bit more of her.

Another was blankreloaded. Not only was it nice seeing him back from Oklahoma, but he also got me a buttload of money by passing the tip jar around. He even promised me that it was semen-free this time.

I also got several hours of cekyr0 and jeffercine, as well as a bit of trivialt, and even some hogarthhughes.

It took me until about 2:45am to finish packing everything in the car and get paid. Then supersniffles and I went to Denny's, where I ate a godawful amount of food.

The result of that being that I slept maybe 45 minutes total before I had to get up at 9:30am. That's all the coughing and the deep-friedness would allow me.

So I was a leeeetle tired at Timmie's group picnic today. I made a few minor mistakes, too, that are probably related. I also got set up half an hour late, not that it mattered. I planned to be there at 11:00am, didn't make it until 11:15am, and didn't finish setup until 12:30am.

I was supposed to be providing background music for the day. I didn't need to until something like 1:40pm, because someone invited their DJ friend, who left around then. He wasn't too bad, apart from the fact that he played the same damn Motown CD over and over until about 1:00pm.

Whatever. I was paid either way.

I was originally supposed to run from noon until 4:00pm. No-one signed up for karaoke before the awards, which ran for about an hour, ending a little after 3:00pm. And even then, I got a total of 3 people signed up. Timmie, who didn't hugely feel like singing, David J., who was good enough to intimidate rather badly (And who may be coming to the bar), and a guy named Lee, who sang just one song: A very... entertaining version of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Even with that, I ran until about 4:30pm, though I was looking at the clouds kinda nervously. People were cheering and enjoying the show - they just weren't singing.

It worked out. I was completely packed up by 5:05pm. It didn't even start lightly sprinkling until 4:55pm or so, and I already had all the sensitive stuff in the car. I stuck my tongue out at the clouds, deposited the day's check at my bank, and went home, where I promptly put on my bathrobe.

I started this entry at around 6:40pm. Most of the intervening time has been spent napping. I may still be coughing, but, ya know? Life is good. I just need to sleep some more. And stop being sick. That would be good, too.

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