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Bruce [userpic]
If There's A God, He's Metastasized...

I got to the bar around 7:15pm last night, and rather than napping, I hooked up my monitor and keyboard, started up the rig, and surfed.

I'm such a dork.

It was too damn quiet in there, so I randomly cued up the Strife™ music collection, and didn't pay attention until I noticed Lily turning on the TVs. It didn't seem quite appropriate to have "Kor Karaoke" staring out of all the video screens, so I moved the WMP screen to the secondary monitor, so at least there were cheap visualizations showing.

lizzstar made it there around 8:30pm or so.

The band - AFEkT - showed up to set up around 9:00pm.

Not the most professional setup I've gone through. They're still experimenting with their cabling, and initially gave me a speaker output for their mic signal. That was fun.

But hey, we got it working, survived the sound check, and then went back to normal. Shortly after that an actual DJ showed up, and while I kept the visualizations playing, I quite happily surrendered to someone who actually had the right sound for the evening.

They were due to come on at 11:00pm. Around 10:30pm or so, Lily told us the hotel had called with complaints about the noise. With a DJ that wasn't being all that loud. And a band about to start playing.

The band didn't actually start until around 11:15pm. By that time I had everything dialed back as far as I could, including bass, but I still had to mix with the independent electric guitar amp. There's only so far I could go. Though I'm not sure I'll ever get, say, Lily to understand that.

And unfortunately, I hadn't plugged the lead's mic into one of the slots that run through the compressor. He kept alternating between conversation level and screaming. I cringed each time.

Apart from the whole cringing and waiting for the cops thing, they weren't half bad. Some... interesting lyrics. The entry title is from their last song.

On the positive side, no-one had shown up to complain by the time I left, which was about midnight. Fingers crossed.

I grabbed some In-n-Out on the way home, drank a couple of cups of hot tea to loosen the gunk, and slept.

So far today I'm feeling definitely better. Still kinda gunky, but at least right now, I don't have the whole fever/dizzy thing going on. This is good - I seriously can't afford to be sick anymore. My schedule simply doesn't allow it.

Back to bed!

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Does not compute!

Aside from the ritual of daily posting to lj I can't figure out what purpose this fulfills.

Re: Does not compute!

This is, first and foremost, my journal. It exists in large part because I can use it to look back, date when things happened, and, in fact, remember things that happened.

'Cause my memory's frequently that bad.

I do also use it to inform, start debate, etc., but that's a secondary function.

Occasionally others find it of interest. Surprisingly more frequently than I expect, actually. The really odd thing is when people comment on something I buried at the bottom of a page-and-a-half post.

That at least does happen less frequently than with the short posts, which somewhat restores my faith in humanity.

Re: Does not compute!

Dick as dramatized by Arnold.
I'm definitely not of the "let the corporation remember it for me" ilk.

Re: Does not compute!

Eh. At least I keep a backup...

Re: Does not compute!

On RAID 0 mirrors accessible only via public key encryption, backed up nightly to a disk on another system, backed up from there to ... ?
Well, you get the idea.

Interesting. I might even check out their site. lol

I have some Musinex for you from lady_morgana71, but couldn't give it to you as I didn't see you. I suppose I could have left it with a note, but I didn't think of that until today. lol

I'll likely be at the bar and give it to you then.

Depending how I feel later, I may try it or not - at least you'll be there, so someone can take over if my voice dies.

Wouldn't be the first time with an antihistamine.