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Bruce [userpic]

I woke up yesterday at 5:00pm. This made it difficult to make it to either Redwood City by 4:00pm, or my bank by 5:00pm. Oh the anguish.

I got myself showered and ready for the day. That took until 9:30pm or so.

Got more "yogi tea" at Target, and had dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. Large quantities of warm food normally make me feel better.

Just made me a tad more dizzy this time.

Headed home. Got back to bed a little after midnight. Have been up for an hour or two every five since then. About to go back to sleep.

I actually think I'll be better soon. The problem is most likely pressure in the sinuses. That seems to be enough to turn my brain almost completely off. Apparently I self-lobotomize or something.

Hopefully I'll be better this evening - I'm supposed to help with the sound setup for a band coming to the bar. It's hard to do that when you're passed out in a booth.

I had one thought that stuck with me from some time in the middle of the night. It's just, well: If my lips start to chap or crack, I know I'm dehydrated. If I drink some water, they get better in a matter of minutes.

Then there's the observation of "old drinker's face." People who drink heavily - and for some reason, especially people who drink and smoke heavily - have their faces age much faster than normal. One of the odder characteristics is the "lip crevasses," where the face/lip edge is broken by grooves in the face.

And for some reason it just occurred to me that the grooves might be the result of frequent dehydration...

And now you know the sort of "deep" thoughts I tend to have.

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Mood: sicksick

I don't doubt it.

For myself, I tend to think my face may stay clearer (of acne), more frequently, if I'd simply be better about drinking water.

Do you have lung congestion?

Not to any huge degree. I mean, I have some level of gunk coming up from my lungs that needs to be coughed out, but I seem to have close to the normal level of lung capacity.

What bothers me is that I still feel sorta feverish. That shouldn't be happening this late in the game.