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Bruce [userpic]
Medium Suicide

I slept a little more yesterday afternoon, and got up just in time to grab dinner (again at Panera) before making it to the bar. I seem to have a craving for hot sandwich/hot soup combos lately. Go figure.

From the crowd and rotation point of view, it was a reasonably typical Monday - most rotations were 6 people long, and I did 14 of them between 8:00pm and 1:55am. Interestingly, it made almost twice the money of Sunday...

So the Sunday/Monday total take was only about 10% down from normal this week.

It was interesting showing up and finding Wayne (Trankenstein's mild-mannered alter ego) helping Paula clean and stock the bar.

hollyk was there for most of the evening, which is... rare. She was, of course, meeting a date. I didn't actually go and meet him - probably should have. And I'm under gag order as far as comments about his appearance go. So she happened to be there for a sort-of Trankie appearance, though she didn't recognize him. It hadn't occurred to me before that without the miniskirt and makeup of doom, he looks like someone she might consider dating.

The even more rare appearance was that of lady_morgana71, who came by to give timenchanter a fairly... graphic... all-day sucker. Not that her mind's ever in the gutter or anything.

trivialt made a short appearance, as did synkitty, later. Poor Synthia had to deal with one of her songs being interrupted - twice - by sounds from my browser. I was trying to get a copy of "Let Me Borrow That Top", and had a couple of soundtrack mishaps. It somehow seemed appropriate that she was singing Insensitive...

spawrhawk showed up in the latter part of the night, apparently upset because boys suck. Or don't. I'm not sure. At closing, dwo took him off to Denny's to sober up.

In general, I did OK for song selections last night. I even got new songs for David, sjgrrrl, and supersniffles's envelopes. But then...

A simple fact, here. I've got a couple of minutes, max, to pick a song for any one individual. So I focus on simply whether they're likely to know it, and a little bit on whether they can sing it, especially since there are frequently surprises in what people can and cannot sing.

So I really, really, really don't care if it precisely fits your present mood, is exactly in your range, is too fast, is too slow, is something you hate, is something you love too much, was something that you didn't enjoy when you tried to sing it in July of 2005, was playing during a bad breakup when you were 15, was originally done by a band you consider assholes, or came on an album whose cover you consider particularly tasteless. I'm trying to stretch your normal range. That's what suicide is all about. If you don't want to do that, pick your own songs. Sheesh.

I'm now at the point in this sickness where the major problem is the congestion turning to concrete, especially on the vocal chords. Any sore throat I've got is purely the result of having to go for wracking coughs just to keep the air passages clear. This made last night rather interesting. I'm sure I was quite entertaining, especially since I needed to cough like hell every time I got up to sing - which was rather frequently. This too shall pass, and fairly shortly. The disease itself is long gone - it's just a matter of convincing my body of that fact.

Otherwise, not a lot to say. I took forever to shut down, even though I'm leaving most of the equipment there so we can potentially use it for a band that'll be in on Wednesday. I had some nachos at Denny's, then went home for hot tea, and to fall asleep in my chair. I'm going to try the bed now, but I'm not holding out huge amounts of hope.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: sicksick

Have you tried musinex or some other expectorant? Those are supposed to be good at loosening up the phlegm. *HUG*

I had a good time last night. While I may have complained about the range last night, overall I was happy with your song choices. The one that I didn't really know I knew well enough. And hell, the range isn't bad for normal and it's not your fault (well maybe it is...where did this cold start?) that my vocal chords were being persnickety yesterday.

Love you!

Dear, I had no problem whatsoever with your reactions last night.

Actually, they were calmer than I expected. For some reason, I kept only finding high songs. Well, I could have found an alternative to Pour Me, but I wanted to hear it - and you did a great job.

It's an easy song to pick up if you've got the range...

I think this thing started with Lizz. She was complaining about feeling sick for the longest time.

It was a combination of boys suck, what the hell am I doing with my life, and -- oh yeah, I got laid off from my job.

My head, and my body for that matter, are NOT happy with me right now.


Remind me next time to not take 5-6 shots of Jager consecutively within an hour and a half. At least that's what Dwo told me =P

oh my goodness! That's terrible! You doing okay? Here, this seems relevant. It's a poem I did many months back, it doesn't really rhyme, but the point is there:

"One stone in a pond may seem alone, but many stones sit around it thinking the same thing. The current washes and moves them, they know not where they'll land."

Feel better, kay?


I don't mean to be callous, but I'm sorta used to the whole "boys suck" thing.

But you got laid off? That's harsh! I'm so very, very sorry to hear that.

And yeah, the recommended dosage for Jägermeister is somewhat lower than two shots per half hour...

Take care of yourself.

It hadn't occurred to me before that without the miniskirt and makeup of doom, he looks like someone she might consider dating.

I hate you.

That is completely wrong and I never said that.



I did not say you said that. You did say something on the order of "Oh wow, he doesn't look all that bad" in a considering tone.

Which made me think of some of the guys you've brought in, and one of the guys you thought was "nice" that you met there.

And realized a slight resemblance...

But it's OK. I do realize he's not your type. Really.

I'm pretty sure he has nothing to do with racing.

Re: Gotcha!

Ha ha ha.

OMG, your new icon is almost as creepy as mine!

Re: Gotcha!

It's headin' that way. And I grabbed it because Alex picked it for a photo to put in his living room.

Coming face to face with it Saturday was a bit of a shock.

Expectorant and Expect some pictures!

Yes, what Tim said about Mucinex. That stuff knocks out the congestion - wham! It both thins and loosens the mucus (okay - sorry for the gross topic) so it can come out rather than stick. It makes a cough productive instead of painful. There is also a version of Mucinex that has a decongestant as well. Double whammy. I highly suggest it. In fact I have some of each in my mini pharmacy. I could bring some to work tomorrow... if you think you can get your buns to City Hall by noon we could have lunch and medicate you. :) Plus, your sorely in need of some medicinal hugs, etc.

And the pictures I expect...? (evil grin) Those would be the ones of Tim doing long, slow, leisurely licks of his lollipop. Maybe video would be better... hrmmm... we could post it on YouTube so all the boys could enjoy it. (evil cackles)

I love my imagination - I just wish I could make more of it reality. Ah well. I'll have to settle for seriously kinky. I just love that I look so vanilla. hee hee

Re: Expectorant and Expect some pictures!

If I'm still in trouble later today, I may just do that.

Though I'm kind of leery of the things. Especially during shows - I've had both drugs that solidified the stuff to reinforced concrete levels, just about killing my voice, and others that liquefied it to the point that I just about had to shove kleenex plugs up my nose to prevent streams coming out.

I'm gonna try to make it out by noon, though no guarantees. I was going to make it to Redwood City yesterday by 4:00pm, and didn't wake up until 5:00pm...

As far as the pictures go, well, I'll await them with a certain degree of trepidation. Not really my thing, ya know. But certainly something a lot of my friends would enjoy.

And given a lot of people out there who are running around quite successfully, the only thing preventing more of your imagination becoming reality is a certain extra degree of boldness. Well, that, and possibly a personal need to keep up the vanilla pretense...

Re: Expectorant and Expect some pictures!

I realize you're asleep now and may not see this in a timely manner...but I just realized we (Imaging) are having our Quarterly Lunch today. I apologize for my lack of brain cells. I do have a good excuse though. I'll fill you in the details another time.

This quarter's lunch is @ E&O. I'm thinking it would probably be fine if you wanted to join the group, but you'd need to be @ City Hall @ 11:30. I know, probably not going to happen.

I'll bring some of both meds with me today and Tim can bring them home to you. I'll send hugs as well. :)

Re: Expectorant and Expect some pictures!

Actually, I'm not - it's only been 15 minutes or so since I finally got around to responding to your post.

Though I will be back in bed shortly.

I think I'll pass on the lunch. I don't feel in condition to deal with that many people I don't really know. And I'll have ample time to do so Friday...

I am actually an introvert, after all.

Have fun!

Re: Expectorant and Expect some pictures!

Sleep is good - wish I were enjoying it myself.

btw - the Mucinex comes in two versions, one with a cough suppressant and one without. I was mistaken when I said there was a version with a decongestant component. I'll still send some of both.

I'll see you Friday for sure! :)