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Bruce [userpic]
I'm Sick With This...

I did, indeed, drop by Nemesis Friday night. Not that there was much of a doubt, honestly. Hung out for an our or two, then headed home to recover.

Saturday, during the day, was mostly spent sleeping. And dosing myself with herbal tea.

Well, and some self-teaching of the Python. I discovered that the book I've been using is out of date. I mean, I knew it was published in 2000. I just didn't know the wxPython namespace had been completely changed since then.

I called my parents to beg off for the day, because I was still sick. True enough, though I didn't elaborate that I'd find a way to beg off, anyway...

I got myself put together, grabbed a selection of blue cheeses, and made it to the Sapphire Party by 6:15pm. Meaning I was something like the fourth person there. Freaky, but pleasant. cekyr0 and jeffercine recently put up a really nice bookshelf system. When I commented on it, Alex told me my photograph was in the room - prominently. A look around found what is now a new icon. It also elicited an "Oh my God!" when I found it.

timenchanter had already put together the mass of blue raspberry martini for the evening, so I started in on that - and some cheese, of course.

A typically fun Hamptons party, though a few bits were atypical. I mean, two of the earlier people to arrive were kizmet100 and Cara. One of the first phrases out of Cara's mouth was "I'd better start eating before I drink, or I'll end the night under Bruce."

I offered her a drink...

And in the end, one of the highlights of the evening was spending some time talking with Cara.

There was, of course, quite a bit more. princesskiti22 was there, in all her squee-able loveliness. I got to spend a lot of time hanging out with supersniffles and, after a certain amount of prying-by-text-message, kshandra.

And, believe it or not, there were men at the party, too. trivialt and qzar_mystik, for two. snafflekid brought some amazing pulled pork. As usual, tons of food - we kinda ran out of dining room table space. And tons of people.

It's surprising how unfuzzy most of the night was. Especially since Cara kept handing me drinks.


A great time, though by around 1:00am the congestion was getting to me - and I was a little concerned about having some voice left for tonight. So I shocked quite a few people by saying goodnight and taking off early. Both k_magic and Alex complained that it wasn't a party if I didn't fall asleep.

So Stan gave me a major back-scritching. I almost passed out standing up - to the sound of Alex going "Yay!"

I love my friends.

Then home, some hot tea, and some sleep. I'm still doing the tea thing, and seriously considering more of the sleep thing. It would be nice to convince this congestion to go away. Though that always takes forever for me...

I have full reason to believe that tonight will be very, very slow. A good part of the clientele will still be passed out. But whatever. You can still have a good time with the right five people.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: awakeawake

I know what you mean about congestion. I can feel perfectly fine after being sick except for a nagging cough that takes forever to go away.

oooh i enjoy this icon too!!!

Stop being sick.

Love, me ;)


I'll get right on that.

I'm glad you enjoyed the pork.

Honey, your pork was awesome.

'Twas quite a fantastic party... I just got home. lol

*HUG* I think I have plans with Dane tomorrow night, but I don't know if they involve the bar or not. If so, see you then, if not see you when I see you. :-)

It was indeed - with a huge number of people I don't know, as well, which was kinda cool. Especially since things never got out of hand.

And if I see you tonight, 'twould be cool, but if not, have fun!