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Bruce [userpic]

I got into the shower, and out the door by around 5:00pm yesterday. I had a craving for Red Robin's "gourmet" mac&cheese, so I went thitherward.

Since the SuperCuts I use is in the same area, I also got my beard trimmed. It was getting a little scraggly.

Then to the bar by around 7:15pm or so. There was no requirement that I be there, but I try to support lizzstar's Infirmary when I can. Since the place was empty right then, I got myself a drink, stole some electricity, set up the laptop, and started with an online traffic school.

Drinking and traffic quizzing just seemed too appropriate for words.

It turns out it was a good thing I was there. Well, quite apart from the hanging around cute girls aspect, which was nice. I even got a light kiss.

At my present level of frustration, that's noteworthy. Pathetic, I know.

The live band for the evening (OK, guy and his laptop) couldn't hook into the system, because the only adapter he had was for a quarter-inch jack, and the house mixer only has RCAs.

So I sped home, grabbed my system, sped back with it, and hooked it - and him - in. So I'm now mostly set up for tonight. I'm also leaving the system there next Tuesday, since she has another band coming in then. And there's even more than one of them...

A pleasant, low-key time. I got over half-way through the traffic school, schmoozed, got dragged into dancing a couple of times, and generally had fun.

Oh - and segajenison: If you're reading this, Jasmine wants to talk to you about getting you a job in tech support.

My throat was getting sore by the end of the night, so I went to Mini Gourmet for some soup and a sandwich. Then home for hot tea. Which didn't really do the trick. I had to resort to TheraFlu in order to lie down without hacking my lungs out.

Fortunately I'm feeling noticeably better today, but it'll be interesting to see how much voice I have left by the end of tonight.

And that's about it. I've finished off the traffic school, and am planning to celebrate by sleeping some more before the show. An exciting, fun-filled life do I lead.

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: sicksick

You just don't give your body time to recover, do you ? :D

-oh and if I remember correctly, guys totally go for hot techie chicks. I think? So GO JENISON! ha ha ha.

Hey! I've been pampering the damn thing for at least... a day...

Got bored.

And honestly, neither Jenison nor Jasmine need to worry about being techies for guys to think they're hot...

MMMMM RED ROBIN.....i think I'm getting hungry....

I may go back there for dinner tonight.

Though Panera would be wiser...