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Bruce [userpic]
Made It Through

Some good and some bad about last night.

First of all, while I did successfully nap, which I needed, I also took too long, and in the end didn't get to the bar until 7:30pm or so. This would have been fine, except that since I had entered the new discs into the database, I kinda needed to scan them into the system.

I've discovered it's a very bad idea to have something else going on in the system while you're doing that. So I had to delay starting the show until they were all in and volume adjusted.

That took until 8 friggin' 40. Not good when I had 5 people lined up at 8:00pm. It didn't help to realize that if I'd made it there on time, I would have only started 10 minutes late...

So it goes. My apologies to all involved.

Otherwise it was a very busy Monday. Quite a few people, including blankreloaded, jorgitoelcubano, cekyr0, and jeffercine. I didn't do too badly in song selections, on the whole. At least using the "getting people to sing things they wouldn't normally" metric.

The oddest part of the night was the Casey situation. Towards, I think, 9:30pm or so, timenchanter told me that Casey seriously wanted some food, but that everyone had been drinking. So I handed the reins to Timmie, and took Casey out to get some Jack-in-the-Box.

When we got back, I discovered that my slightly incoherent passenger had wanted food and to go home. So I ran in, told Timmie he was in charge for a bit longer, and ran Casey over to his place. I didn't get back until about 10:30pm.

The sad thing being that I missed most of the Alex&Jeff visit. Amusingly, I'd picked enough songs far enough in advance that Timmie hadn't run out. I'm sure he'd had some refusals, but he hadn't run out...

And I ran, of course, for the rest of the night. Most people evaporated by 11:00pm or so, so that meant a final total of 9 rotations, ending at 1:55am. The bar did quite well for a Monday.

I was kinda glad to see the night end. It was fun and all, but my voice was going for the last hour or so, which made both singing and announcing... difficult. I wasn't feeling the greatest, so I took a lot of breaks while shutting down, but was still ready to go by 2:30am.

Then Paula wanted to talk. Not a happy camper was I. By the time I broke away at 3:00am, I had an incredibly painful throat, and no voice to speak of.

But it did start me thinking, especially since one of the things she was asking about (repeatedly) was effectively how to communicate with people. Not one of her strong points, ever, and not one I'd really know how to teach.

It's interesting how much the people that work with her discount what Paula has to say. I'm the first to say that she has both serious communication and organizational problems. Just sticking with communication, she tends to give partial info, and frequently will do so in a whiny, and sometimes even snappy manner. She has a tendency to repeat the same thing over and over again.

But if you look past the mode of communication, a lot of what she has to say is perfectly good. Strangely enough, she knows a lot about her business. If she says there's a regulation about how one pours a drink, there probably is. There are a huge number of arcane ABC regulations regarding alcohol sales.

Did you know you can have your license revoked if a server is showing their butt crack? Or if you offer someone a free drink? And those are just a couple of things I pulled off the web. Well, I knew the latter already...

She attributes most of the spike in sales Sunday to the fact that there was a bartender behind the bar at all times, actively attending to customers. Given it was a busy night, but not an amazingly busy one, she, y'know, might just have a point.

But the sad part is that she says things in a way that most people will discard out of hand.

Anyway. After my voice gave out, and I ran away, I went off to Mini Gourmet for some hot food. That helped enormously. Then home, some hot ginger tea, and eventually some sleep.

Which ended rather rapidly when the congestion and sore throat counterattacked. I've been up since 9:00am. Before too long, I'll probably try sleeping again. Or get food. I'm not sure which, yet. But at least I made it through the weekend successfully, and I've got until Thursday evening to get better. I'll count that as a positive.

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Thank you again for taking care of Casey.

As for the pouring, I was sitting right there while he made the drink. The bottle was mostly empty and he didn't realize it. Then he got a new one and the spout stuck. There was a shot give or take a smidge in the drink. Because he tipped the bottle four times, she assumed he poured four shots. I'm not crazy enough to let someone make me a four-shot drink at 12:30 when I have to drive.

personally, since i know they tend to watch us from the sidelines, when i get a stuck spout, i tend to make a little show of it, so that hopefully they 'get it', and not assume i'm giving away her precious.

It was pretty obvious. She's kinda got it in for him because he's young and "doesn't have bar experience" and any number of things. I think her paranoia is just getting worse. Which is not to invalidate that she has any knowledge. The problem is that the knowledge goes through an extremely skewed filter...

The lack of bar experience is a problem in her opinion, which is odd, given that she's put herself in a position where she can't exactly demand experienced people.

And she does occasionally have a very hard time figuring out what's going on. I don't think it's all paranoia, though. Just confusion - though that breeds paranoia.

I am rather fond of the Casey myself, dear. Exasperated, frequently, but still fond.

Actually, from her account she wasn't watching all that closely, but asked how many pours - and he said four. I get the impression the problem is one of jargon - he was using the general expression meaning of "pour", and she was using the "pour = shot" meaning.

Of course, she thought she just told him that was a bad idea. He thought she jumped down his throat, which is probably what it felt like. She doesn't really get angry very often, but she gets panicked on a dime, and it can feel pretty much the same.

So I got the whole "How can I work with people when they get angry every time I try to give instruction" thing. Three times.

>>I am rather fond of the Casey myself, dear. Exasperated, frequently, but still fond.<<

You sound just like my Pastor.

Of course I do, dear.

Did you forget? I am your pastor...

i believe trivialt made an appearance as well. :-P

did you happen to save that little piece of paper that had my Erasure songs written on it? i forgot to grab that from the booth before we left.

i, for one, am apt to forgo getting another drink sometimes if a bartender is unavailable, or too busy. however, i don't think she realizes that people need a break once in a while, be it smoking, or peeing! i don't know if she's been told that in order to take that into account for coverage. however, however, i think Liz and i work well to keep the bar covered/served.

And if we were, you know, getting paid for instance, there are certain labor laws requiring breaks that allow for much more time away from the bar than we take. 7-2 is a 7 hour shift. That's a half and a fifteen. I've been known to leave from behind the bar, but if I'm the only one there, I'm always watching from outside. Nor am I the only one that does.

Do we need to mention how "lazy" all of the bartenders are when people have to wait for more than 20 seconds for a drink while we're making others?

I don't think I've ever seen a bartender take a half-hour break, except at KoC. Not saying it isn't required, but I don't think I've ever seen it happen.

Ah, the "laziness" factor. I think she both has a point and misapplies that point at the same time.

Ignoring the rather vital "how fast can a bartender serve" question, as I see it there are two major factors: Drink latency, in other words, how long it takes to get one, and drink frequency, how often people people are ordering.

The most vital factor is frequency. If, over the length of the night, the bartenders can't keep up with the average order frequency, the bar quite obviously makes less money. This is fairly obvious, and I believe what's going through her head. But she mixes it up with the latency.

The latency question is less obvious. It's always going to take a certain amount of time to get to people. If it takes too long, they're either going to give up, or just not bother ordering - and sales drop. I don't know, but I'd be willing to bet that it's somewhat of a step curve. No-one's going to walk away because it takes 20 seconds to get a drink. But they just might at 2 minutes.

I think she also makes the mild mistake of thinking that demand is constant, when it's always kind of clumpy. You can't be serving drinks when no-one wants one...

In the end, though, as long as every bartender is working as fast as they can when orders are coming in, and asking if people want a new one as old ones are being finished, the only thing an owner can do is either get more bartenders, or get faster ones. Only so many people will fit behind that bar, and she's not willing to pay for the faster ones...

True enough. The point is that she has bartenders that are plenty fast (most of them), but we despise busy work and socializing is PART of being a bartender (at which I'm frequently the worst we have). She is unhappy if you are "standing around" or chatting with the customers. Now I have seen a few cases where you couldn't get the bartender's attention cuz they were busy with a personal conversation, but those are pretty rare. To hear her talk, it's happening all the time. You've seen me work and know that I can pretty much keep up with the Saturday crowd AND keep my dishes washed. She's said it about me. On Saturdays. The woman has something going on with her perception that is not letting her stay in touch with reality here...

She does seem to miss - or at least gloss over - the fact that the bartenders are there in part as entertainers.

And her perceptions are odd. I've watched you work on Saturdays where she was complaining. As far as I could tell, every now and then there'd be a lull in orders - and this was somehow your fault...

There has been a time or two where someone was in a really dark spot or some such and they had to wait or get my attention. Not very often. That's how most of us are. I think the other thing she doesn't understand is that if you want to give criticism, sometimes you need to give praise. Now she's thanked me before, but rarely does she say "good job". But this goes back to the lack of communication skills. As it is I still wish someone else would buy the bar and have done with it.

I didn't put the piece of paper away - it's tucked in a corner of the booth. So there is some danger of it being tossed.

A very low danger, but a danger.

If I'm feeling better tomorrow, I'll likely be going to Lizz's show, so I'll see about grabbing it.

I think Paula realizes that people need breaks. It's just that she thinks that Lizz frequently takes 40 minute ones.

And her major problem with those is that Lizz then complains about her lack of income. Well, Paula's also not too happy about nights when no-one's behind the bar. I would assume that doesn't happen too often when you're working with her. It's a little more frequent when Ron works with her.

I think, though, that there might have been a problem recently where Lizz was complaining about a lack of income - as in, she needs 2x or 3x more to survive - and Paula suggested being behind the bar more often, which might increase her income by, y'know, 50% in an extreme case.

You know I have alot to say...

I don't believe my income is something that needs an LJ discussion..Ron comes in and works when I take breaks or need help..
other than that I'm not getting involved in this one...

Re: You know I have alot to say...

Sorry, dear.

When I woke back up this afternoon, there was this nagging feeling of "What did I post about?" going through my head...

But really, are you sure you don't want to get involved? 'Twould be quite entertaining.


Apologies for causing the drama. Next time tell me to take a hike?

What drama? There was nothing involving you that was particularly dramatic.

Mild misunderstanding. You needed to get home. The show was covered. End of story.