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Bruce [userpic]

A study came out recently in Nature Neuroscience, where researchers looked for functional neurological differences between liberals and conservatives. And successfully found them.

I'm not willing to fork out for the study, but there's a nice summary in this LA Times article.

It's of course a very narrow, simple test, but the results aren't all that surprising - liberals tend to put more thought into a problem, take a little longer to find a solution, and are right more often (2.2 times more often, in this case).

And conservatives tend to be more, ahem, "knee-jerk" in their responses...

I just finished reading a quite entertaining thread on the subject. One which demonstrated the point quite well, in fact.

Actually, I'm not totally sure why I'm amused by this, as opposed to saddened. It's another indicator that all those unthinking "WMDs in Iraq" and "think of the chilluns!" sheep out there may be biologically incapable of change.

An especially scary thing when it's within our grasp to cause the effective end of the world.

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If you do want the article, please let me know.

Re: psst

I do frequently forget that I have friends with resources...

On the one hand, it would be interesting. On the other, I'm not sure how much I'd get out of it. I probably don't have the necessary background to understand half of what's said.

On the third tentacle, it might be interesting to see their methodology. I used to have the joy of sitting through conferences of people doing medical device usability studies that were so badly designed they were laughable...

Nah, on the fourth paw, I think I just be conservative and soak in my prejudices.

Re: psst

:) Where do you keep that paw and tentacle?

Well, if you change your mind, just let me know.

Re: psst

Oh, I'm full of surprises... But you're married. ;-)

And I will indeed let you know, dear. Thanks for the offer!

What's even more entertaining, is the fact that these people are more apt to have children, and more of them, than "commie pinko fag libbies"