Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Not Too Shabby

In the end, I opted for sleep vs. Python yesterday afternoon. Probably a good choice. I wasn't feeling too bad, was relatively refreshed, and would have made it to the bar on time - if not for a 10 second power outage, and some stupidity on my part.

The rack was still on, from all the data entry and testing. Plus I like the pretty blinking lights. And I don't plug it into a UPS.

So I was a little concerned about, ya know, that whole "disk corruption" thing, and started a scan of one of the data disks. For some benighted reason, I checked the "scan surface" box. For a 320 Gig disk.

For some reason, XP doesn't allow you to cancel in the middle of the surface scan. And now I was worried that they might have a semi-destructive scan (read data, write test pattern, check test pattern, restore data) that would not be a good idea to abort externally.

So I waited out the Phase 4 test, saw it start Phase 5, said "fuck it," and killed it anyway.

It was late, and I have a backup disk in the rack.

Anyway, I got to the bar around 7:40pm, and managed to get more or less set up and going by 8:15pm. Which was good, 'cause I had people. And then more showed up.

It ended up being quite a busy night. In fact, the bar did marginally better last night than the previous weekend - and the previous weekend was phenomenal. I ran for 5 and a half rounds, and closed down at 2:00am sharp.

Notable people were tenshinigami, with John and Rachel, the triumphant return of swanhart, the painfully cute Matt and Jessica (if I understand properly, he proposed to her a week or two ago - on top of the Eiffel tower. They're that cute), a new singer named Gilda (who did her bit for the bottom line, and sang quite well), Roberta (back from the Burn), and Dane.

Dane isn't that rare a visitor, but he must be mentioned because, when he wasn't liplocked to timenchanter, he got the courage to sing two songs.

The new songs went over quite well. lizzstar had a bit of an orgasm when she read the update sheet, and sang all new songs. Shawn got to sing his song he's been wanting to do. I added a few to my envelope, with mixed results. But then, I'm sick. I really need to work on Pain...

The disease fortunately decided to stay mostly in the background. I was a little woozy here and there, and there was a tickle in my throat by the end of the evening, but otherwise, the main symptom was that I was drenched in sweat by the end of setup. It was hot in there, but not that hot. Whatever. I'm very glad it was so minor. We'll see how tonight goes.

The sound was a bit odd - apparently we hit just the right mix of temperature and humidity to make the room resonate right in the vocal ranges. I got a lot more feedback than usual (eliminator or not), and some people were just loud. Timmie was singing at lucydogstringer volumes, for whatever reasons. It's almost frightening to think what might have happened had Steven showed up...

After shutdown, I took Timmie off to Denny's for food and sobering, where we ran into John and Roberta, and had a wonderful time. Then I delivered Timmie back to his car, and we made our way home.

I woke up about an hour ago with a sore throat, and some vague memory of melting dreams, and decided that a cold glass of AirBorne might be in order. I'm feeling better now, and will be going back to bed. Cheers!

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