Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Not Much

The main piece of productivity in the last day was my previous post. I just re-read it, and I'm not too unhappy with how it turned out. It actually has some of the feel of "prose poetry" I was going for. Go me. Woo.

Otherwise, I've slept, read comics, not gone to Bootie, not gone to Kiss Me Kate, had two meals from Carl's Jr, and slept.

Since I haven't done enough of it, I think I'm probably going to go and sleep after this post.

Unless I decide to study Python GUI options in Windows. I've been putting that off for a long time, and perhaps I'm actually in the right state of mind for it.

It is Windows, after all.

I seem to be doing better. The throat doesn't hurt as much, and most of the feeling of fever is gone. I just seem to be more lethargic than usual, which is, frankly, a scary thought.

I'll definitely be at the bar tonight, for all those not too scared to go. I'd be more worried about being a source of infection, 'cept all those I might infect are in the population pool that infected me. It's too late, bitches! Hahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!

OK, maybe the fever isn't completely gone...

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