Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Feverish Activity

Last night ended pretty well - shutdown was a breeze, the group behind Blur was quite grateful, timenchanter and I had a nice supper at Denny's, we got home, and I stayed up until 6:00am or so incorporating new discs into the system. Nice all around.

Then I woke up today with a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes, which later developed into an actual feeling of fever - you know, that wonderful sensation that your head is still where it was a few seconds ago?

On the upside, I'm much sillier when I'm like this, as opposed to my usual, boring, stodgy self. On the downside, well, I'm friggin' sick.

This means I'm not going to Bootie tonight, may not be going to Kiss Me Kate tomorrow, and generally have to slow down. This is not good - when I feel healthy I'm normally running along trying to catch up.

So it goes. Apart from feeling sorry for myself, today's activities have included a gorging trip tolunch at Hobee's, and the complete incorporation of all discs received so far into the system. As always, you can look at the updates here. There's a lot of fun stuff - and more on the way.

I believe there're only two of the "important" discs left. The earliest they're likely to get here is next Saturday. The other five may or may not be of interest. They were on sale, and I'm insane...

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