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Thursday's show stayed much busier than I expected. While it did die down, it stayed busy enough that I only ran for 7 rotations before closing at, well, a little after 2:00am.

The bar must have done fairly well - Paula didn't complain. Due to my "mystery" $100 tipper, I did quite well.

I managed to close down reasonably rapidly, but I still had to wait for Paula, who wanted to talk.

Then kshandra and I found our way to the usual Denny's for supper. We sorta joined the group that was there - their table was full, so we sat next to it.

I was less incoherent this time - compared to the last time Kirsten experienced a late-night Bruce.

I dropped her off at home, made my way to the Duplex, and eventually slept.

I got a few things done today. Finalized details for a party, ordered some things. Nothing major.

timenchanter took me out to Habana Cuba for dinner. Good stuff.

Then we went to the bar, where I helped the Blur people set up their equipment. Some DJs just aren't all that technically inclined.

Timmie and I then hung around (barring a side-trip I took to get lizzstar and Ron some Japanese food), had some drinks, and watched people accumulate.

It's been an extremely busy night for the bar. And, of all things, Melanie showed up! She keeps saying she'll come to the show, but noooo, she has to make it to a dance night, instead. Ah well.

I took off around 11:00pm to pick up a trivialt at SFO. I drove that excellent person home, then made it back to the bar for more fun.

Also because I'm Timmie's ride, plus I should return the booth to normal before Wayne comes in and panics tomorrow.

Life ain't too shabby. Also, alcohol is a fun thing...

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