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I left off at lunch yesterday - which was wonderful. Yellow curry is, after all, ambrosia. The fact that I got to chat a little bit with a cute, off-duty waitress didn't hurt, either.

My only mistake was wearing a white t-shirt. Clothes are rather enthusiastic about yellow curry, too. Though a lot of soaking in OxyClean seems to have helped.

I wandered from there to Expedx, up 10th. I was sorta looking at what I want to do when I separate the books. But mostly, I have a fondness for stationery. For whatever reason.

Not too long after I got home, timenchanter wanted to do dinner, so we walked down to Birrieria Jalisco for some yummy food wrapped in home-made tortillas.

Then home, vegging for a few hours, then, since Timmie was restless, a trip out to the bar. The Infirmary was quite a bit slower last night than the other nights I've been there - but still, not too shabby for a Wednesday. Nice people, a relaxed atmosphere, and one absolutely gorgeous girl I don't know, and didn't talk to...

We got back at something like 1:30am (Timmie was rather busy making out with Dane), and I actually went to bed not too long after that. I was woken up this morning at 11:00am by the phone - the body shop called to apologetically say it would be a few more hours.

I got up at my usual rate, which means I was in the shower when they called back at 2:00pm.

To make a long story less tortuous, the car looks great. There was a little confusion before they got fully paid (they initially let me drive it away after paying almost nothing), but in the end I paid exactly what they quoted (which wasn't all that much), and they also fixed the rear quarter-panel that's been bashed-in since I bought the thing.

The worst thing I can say is that I now have one pretty headlight, and one old, yellow one. In sum, I can't recommend AKW Auto Body enough

Well. To celebrate, I went and had lunch at the Valley Fair Cheesecake Factory. Of course, it was kind of a working lunch. One of the new discs arrived today (don't get too excited - it's just my novelty disc. Though I've so far done both "Masochism Tango" and "Lumberjack Song" tonight), and I spent lunch entering it, checking the entries, and fixing the database errors I've found .

Then home to print out update sheets, actually rip the disc, etc, etc. This took me until about 6:45pm, which was when I was supposed to pick up kshandra for the evening. I didn't get to her until about 7:13pm, and then booked it to the bar. Got here at 7:35pm, so all was pretty much OK. In fact, the only reason I started 5 minutes late tonight was because I was trying to kill the background disc between songs, and kept missing the transitions.

It's been a mellow night, but far from dead - it's Little Chris' 21st birthday, after all, and people have been doing their best to get him blasted. And of course, we have some rare visitors, like our post-Burn Kirsten, and Jenni, who hasn't been in for half a year. The first rotation was 5 people, the second 9, and we're heading towards the end of the 3rd at 17. It'll be interesting to see if everyone evaporates come midnight...

There's actually more - I finally mailed in some paperwork (for my two pieces of the pie in an Ameriquest class action settlement), finally got (and deposited) the check for the SJSU party, and fiddled with the equipment to see if I could prevent the mic wall-warts from falling off.

I also ordered yet more new discs. They probably won't excite anyone too much - they were on clearance, and somewhat for a reason. I just seem to be in a purchasing mood.

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