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Bruce [userpic]

I just wandered over to the repair place. I'll be getting my car back around noon tomorrow!

This is earlier than expected. And probably evidence of cut corners. But whatever.

Since I haven't seen anything from the insurance company, it probably also means a snafu with the insurance check.

Again, whatever.

I'm gonna be mobile again!

Meanwhile: Lunch. Catfish curry, to be exact.

Current Location: Chez Sovan
Mood: cheerfulcheerful

Yay for mobility!

Curry=yay, but catfish? Blech. I guess you have to enjoy those things when I'm not there. ;-)

That actually was one of the reasons I ordered it. I wanted to see what it was like, without forcing the flavor on you. And let's face it, especially for that restaurant, it's 90% likely I'd be going there with you.

It tasted pretty much like, well... yellow curry. Catfish has a light, delicate flavor. I might have been able to differentiate the flavor if I had a beef or chicken variant to the side, but it pretty much just tasted like the curry, through and through.

Which is fine by me, because yellow curry is ambrosia.

So all that was left was the texture of the catfish chunks, which is in fact quite pleasant. Definitely something I wouldn't mind having again.

Sitting at the "bar," talking a bit to a cute waitress having her lunch wasn't too shabby, either.

Woot! You can order it any time you like. I don't have to eat it. lol

And yay for cute serving staff!

Catfish Curry??!?!???!!!!????

*throws a bottle of Listerine at your head

It ain't my fault you have no appreciation for the finer points of Cambodian cuisine.

Uptight redneck.

everything goes well with curry

Indeed. Especially yellow curry, which was the case here.