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Drama-Free Evening

Most of my Wednesday evenings are.  The atmosphere at Stuart&Frida's is normally quite, well, normal.  OK, maybe normal isn't quite the word.  Frida is working on a book about home improvement for the dominatrix, after all.  But things are civilized, there, to an extent I just don't see elsewhere these days.  Especially tonight, since they had a dinner guest, and we just had a very good dinner with polite conversation.

Quite relaxing.

So I'm back in Carrows (Spending too much time here - there's a waitress who has my salad and iced tea ready as soon as I walk in the door...), laying back and having a late night supper.

Then back home to find out what new has been broken/spilled/burned/blown up/killed/maimed/smashed.

Household hint of the day:  Don't leave rats unattended with an attention starved puppy.

Must have a long talk with stormmonkey about what she's doing to that poor puppy.

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