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Bruce [userpic]

After my last post, I... slept. Until 7:00pm, of all things.

Either the week was more tiring than I thought, or I'm running out of the good procrastination methods, and having to rely on the older, tried-and-true ones. I suspect the latter.

What with the usual futzing around (and being remarkably groggy), I wasn't ready to leave the apartment until 9:00pm or so. electrichobbit and timenchanter were going out for sushi, and Timmie hung around until I was ready.

So I had an excellent dinner with good friends at Yakko in Mountain View. Then a walk to Red Rock for some post-prandial liquids, and eventually up to the bar for some liquids of the alcoholic variety.

Nemesis wasn't exactly crowded, but it was quite busy - and lizzstar was just about running from one end of the bar to the other, making drinks. This was good to see.

Paula was spending the evening with a woman I don't remember seeing before - playing pool, and acting all normal. It was odd.

And I had Lynx pull me aside to tell me stuff I didn't necessarily want to hear. More drama to be investigated. 'Tis an odd life. I know I'll find the truth to it. Things like that just find their way to me.

Poor Mark had to compete with the fact that they were showing Red Dwarf on the TVs. It's a sad, sad thing that both Timmie and I can tell you a plot synopsis - and what's going on at any point - from a few seconds of video.

Mark went home around midnight, I think. Timmie and I were going to leave shortly, but Dane make-out possibilities emerged, so I hung out - and did a couple of musing walks around the block - while Timmie was distracted.

Then home, and more sleep. In fact, I fell asleep in my chair until about 7:00am, with my unplugged and hibernating laptop on the bed beside me.

And that's about it, except I need to recommend a comic that I'd lost track of, and just rediscovered - Atland. Funny.

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definetly busy..

Crazy night..Lynx has had a problem lately of spreading interesting stories..hope he's enjoying his wedding..yeah
and if you'd like to know about Paula's "friend" it's quite dangerous ;) I'll tell you tomorrow..<3