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Bruce [userpic]
Back in the Saddle

The trip back from the airport was fairly uneventful. Got my car back, stopped at On The Border for some food (I was really hungry, for some reason), got home at 3:00pm or so, unpacked a bit, and conked out.

Woke up at 6:00pm to an alarm that works for me (my desktop blasting Machines of Loving Grace's Butterfly Wings at near full volume. Seems to be a good choice of track so far), got myself cleaned up, and headed to the bar, later than planned. I got there at something like 7:40pm.

I had wanted to be there at 7:00pm, to figure out where everything was. Normally, when I have someone else do the show, something's in an odd place, and it just takes me longer to set up. No particular reflection on the people involved, it's just that they don't do precisely what I do, which means I have to think - and somehow thinking takes more time than one would expect.

But whatever. I was ready to go by just about 8:30pm. And I actually had enough people to start the show by... 9:20pm.

Another slow night. I mean, far from terrible - I only fit in a total of 5 rotations from then until closing at 1:45am. Just not exactly what you'd call a big Thursday. I got the sad Paula treatment when leaving.

On my side, I had a great time. We had a new group (Tasha, Patty, and Jonathan), that both drank quite a bit and sang a few songs. lizzstar was there almost until closing, which is always fun. Several hours of cekyr0 and jeffercine, the return of Aash and Alie, some time with timenchanter, electrichobbit and jorgitoelcubano, and (obviously) quite a few others.

Eddie showed up relatively early, and I actually remembered to give him the shotglasses Debbie asked me to pass on.

One bit of minor drama. When I got there, Lizz had left a CD case and her keys in the DJ booth (well, and a CD playing). My first thought was "Hah! She can't leave without saying goodbye!"

Then I promptly forgot about them. 'Round about 1:00am or so, supersniffles came by the booth to ask if I'd seen them - Lizz was on the verge of tears, and a group of people was tearing the bar apart looking for them. So I headed over. The poor thing wasn't happy at all. In fact, she ended up singing an extra song, as far as I could tell because she was still at the bar, recovering.

After the show, shutdown was reasonably rapid - apart from the Paula bit. I now have some more info on the situation, and have been volunteered for another task. She asked what could be done. I told her the main complaints were drink prices and the men's bathroom.

On drink prices - she was told that if she didn't raise her prices, she would automatically be audited every year, as the cheapest bar/club in the area. Also that her sales taxes would be based on the average for the area, not on her actual sales price.

That's what they do for everyone's sales taxes. The taxes are based on the number of ounces in the bottle, and average local price. A fucked-up system, but there it is.

So the whole "club" thing? That's simply the term that was used. She thinks it would be a good idea to compare to the actual competition - like Hunter's - and find out how she's doing there. So any info people have on them, or other comparable places, like Splash and Mac's, would be appreciated.

On the bathroom side of things, she'd love to install urinals, but isn't sure there's enough water pressure. Standard urinals require an inch diameter pipe. The whole bar appears to have been supplied with half-inch. And she doesn't want to pay for a plumber - you know, someone who would actually know about these things - because of that huge amount they charge. So now I'm researching urinals. Woo.

So after getting volunteered, I went and did me some Denny's, then came home and slept. And now I'm awake, and ready to procrastinate the day!

Current Location: The Duplex
Mood: awakeawake

It was quite a fun evening. I hope that there wasn't anything too far out of whack...

Love ya!

Nope. It was a little odd that the books were still out, but otherwise, it was just a matter of finding all the pieces and putting them together. And nothing was hard to find.

Love ya too!

The books were still out? Weird... I was damned tired when I broke down, so I must have just forgotten. Sorry!

No biggie. You were, as you said, tired. And all they had to deal with was a Wednesday. Granted, if they'd stayed out for a Saturday, they'd of been used for toilet paper, but that wasn't the case.

She could at least have stepped them differently, or in a smaller and more gradual increase.

So far as urinals are concerned, they have waterless ones now that are very low maintenance, and don't smell. I encountered them at a client site in Monterey, and they also have them installed in the bathrooms at Muir Woods.

The ones at Muir Woods had an actual information sheet posted above the urinals. As odd as it sounds, I took the extra minute to read them, they WERE interesting.


Both had the WES-2000 model, $300 each ($299.99). They aren't that much more than a standard urinal.

Well, she did increase the prices in a couple of stages.

She also, from what she says, didn't increase them as far as the average.

I've looked at a couple of the water-free units. Not those, but others that popped up during a search. And I have to admit to some interest - and they're actually cheaper than a standard urinal. A standard one is at least $150 - and the valve assembly is around $160 additional.

I have two concerns. First, they require regular maintenance. Granted, this isn't a big, big concern, and at least one could remember to replace the filter when it started to smell.

The big question is how those things respond to the sort of stuff drunk people throw in a urinal. Beer? Soft drinks? Stomach acid from vomit? Soap? If one needs to replace two $40 cartridges every Saturday, those things start to get kinda pricey.

Why do bars have to be weird and different?

Ummmm - 'cause they're full of drunk people?

Do what a few bars I've known here and there in the past, have done.

Have a 6 foot fuckin' trough that has a pipe running the length of the top with low-pressure jets controlled by the one lever, and has a couple piss cakes in it.

Hmmm - roughly what we have, except there's no trap at the bottom of the trough, so the room frequently smells like the whole local sewer system, and apparently if someone makes the mistake of using the "flush," it sounds like a jet taking off, and doesn't want to shut off...

I'm working on convincing her to try a couple of waterless urinals. She's actually kind of excited.