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March 2019
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Bruce [userpic]

Aaaand back in Oakland.

Yet another uneventful flight, the end to an extremely nice mini-vacation.

How could it not be? I was hanging out with the Empress.

Hopefully I'll be able to dig up the funds to do that again in a few months.

Meanwhile, between the few hours at Debbie's, and some naps on the plane, I actually feel somewhat rested.

This is good, since I'll be leaving the bar tonight about 24 hours after I got up this morning...

Current Location: Oakland Airport
Mood: awakeawake

Gonna get a chance to sleep before the bar? Hope so. :-)

I'm babysitting the kids this evening until 8. I'll probably see you after that though.

I'm certainly going to try to get some more sleep in. We'll just have to see how well that works.

And hopefully I'll see ya later!