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More Fun. Loads More.

I was supposed to go with Mena up to see her mom today.  But, instead, I spent the day prepping my laptop drive for shipment.  I aimed everything at getting it done and out the door by 5:15, the latest FedEx shipment time.  I believe it was 8:30 when I made it there...

Just lots of things, including confusion over the USB to IDE converter I'd bought, which involved an extra unnecessary trip to the store, a false start on the 45 minute drive backup process, an inordinate amount of time hunting down, ummm, "suspect" files and secure deleting them - that sorta thing.  The usual.

Then I did a little bit of help with the cekyr0/jeffercine move.  Then home to find food crumbs everywhere, a fat cockroach living around the DSL hardware, and a piece of banana on the stairwell that stuck to my foot.  I just love this place and these people.

Whoever the people are in my living room.  Well, one of them's John.  Wheee.

I gotta be up in a few hours to help gidget121972 move, so that's the extent of the bitchiness for tonight.

Because there's more.  Oh, there's so much more...

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