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March 2019
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Bruce [userpic]
Terra Firma

On the ground in NYC, safe and sound.

A remarkably uneventful flight - I even got some sleep! That never happens.

And now, to brave the luggage carousel, and the depths of the subway system...

Current Location: JFK
Mood: excitedexcited

It's the messages like this one, which really don't seem to have significant content, that give the blogosphere the feeling of being a lot like the numbers stations.

I suppose the significance of the content depends entirely upon the person reading it, so in that regard you are correct. Still, I'm glad for it, despite it's brevity./

for brevity nothing beats the curious incident of the dog in the night-time
i.e., sometimes it's the lack of communication which is important
Ah, traffic analysis...

Yay sleep! Have fun! Thanks for the update!

have fun dear. don't fall on the tracks...