Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Run Run

I think I finally got myself awake and clean around 1:30pm yesterday. I finished up my car paperwork, and headed off with timenchanter to the post office to drop it off.

We then tried to stop at Ma's for some good chinese food, but they were closed. A place in the same mall called Prima Taste was open, however. Rather good Singaporean stuff in a modern setting. Apparently a showcase for an instant sauce company, which is interesting...

I then reunited Timmie with Fawkes, and we went our separate ways.

I found my way to Target, got a new suitcase and some sundries, then dropped those off at home, loaded the car, and headed off for an evening of KoC.

And it was quite an evening. We were packed. Since things quieted down quite a bit after midnight, I was able to eventually run for 5 rotations before closing at 1:50am.

Some people I haven't seen for some time. tenshinigami, with John and Rachel. Lindsay, with a couple of friends. blankreloaded.

synkitty, who drove there, then back home herself - for the first time.

To some extent, Lizz, who actually showed up on time tonight.

And a number of others that escape me right now, 'cause I'm tired. The first and second rotation were about 20 people apiece, so quite a number of people.

I shut down and got out of there by 2:30am, did the Denny's thing until about 3:30am, then home to hustle last-minute packing and a shower.

I got out of there by about 4:40am, and rushed my way north to Oakland airport. Well, with a slight detour: Google likes to take me up 10th St to the 880. The only problem with that is when the road is blocked by an unmoving train transporting the Barnum&Bailey circus.

Fairly uneventful from there. I found my parking lot, got my shuttle, walked to the wrong terminal, walked back, checked in, went through the 45 minute TSA line of futility, and am now on the plane, which is about to take off.

Gotta go.

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