Bruce (kor27) wrote,

Everything Goes Better With Beaver!

So. Friday, I was, indeed, late to Ciao Bella - by a full 11 minutes. The other members of the party (princesskiti22 of the squee, and the birthday girls wissavix and Shel) were already there, and I apparently just arrived as the table came ready.

How can I describe such an evening? I was sitting and talking with three lovely, interesting women, and waited on by two more ("Beaver" and "Boop"). OK, Beaver wasn't precisely "lovely." But she wasn't anywhere near "ugly," either, and was one hell of a lot of fun. And, as we discovered, has a wonderful singing voice.

The food was typically great. The entertainment was quite campy. Among other things, we ended up seeing two bellydancing sets, one by a very attractive young blonde thing that sorta, kinda, knew how to dance, and another by a more exotic-looking woman who could dance.

Definitely a great time.

We all walked back to Keri's, hung out for a teeny bit, then said our good nights at something approaching 10:30pm. I know I made it home and to bed at about 11:30pm, and passed out almost immediately.

Saturday I started to wake up at around 10:00am, and actually had my brain semi-functional by noon, at which time I started in on the car accident documentation panic. I still have a form to send into the insurance company, which I didn't finish at the time because it wanted to know my body shop.

So when I finally left the house around 2:30pm, I went to the nearest one (a block and a half away. The next nearest two are two blocks away), and talked to them. The only communication problem had to do with timing - my contact there (Kurt) really wanted to start on the car immediately. I had to keep explaining that no, I was going to be bringing it in on the 4th. He finally succumbed to persuasion.

So I have a form I'll be finishing up and sending out mañana.

A little bit more running around (mailing the damned SR-1, mainly), then off to moahb's BBQ. I made it there around 3:30pm, and hung out and schmoozed until 4:30pm.

Then up to the parents' for talk and dinner. My main productive endeavor was cutting off the wisteria's split ends, then blowing the evidence off the deck.

Sadly, I've been somewhat of an untruthful son. I haven't talked at all about the accident, and the evidence is on the side of the car that's parked away from the deck. Just haven't wanted to deal, honestly.

In any case, they were looking tired by 10:00pm, so I took my leave, and headed back down to Noah's party. I think it was 1:00am or so when he kicked us out.

So I, timenchanter, markobellydance, cekyr0, jeffercine and Chris (I think that's his name) went to Denny's. Much fun.

Then I took a Timmie that had transitioned from "too drunk to drive" to "too tired to drive" home, and here I am. About to head to bed.

Tomorrow's going to be a little hectic. I need to do some shopping and prep for the NY trip, since I need to be at the Oakland airport at something like 5:30am on Monday.

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