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Bruce [userpic]

I lounged in bed yesterday until about 4:30pm, when I dragged myself out, crawled through a shower, betook myself to Costco, and from thence to dinner_and. I made it there around 7:00pm.

'Twas a low-key night at the Hamptons. Not a huge number of people, and not exactly a giant amount of food, either. I hung out until 8:10pm with such wonderful people as wissavix, princesskiti22 (all your squee are belong to us!), electrichobbit and jorgitoelcubano, and a number of others, like hogarthhughes.

From there I bounced up to Gay Melrose for an evening's visit with Nikki and her bunny. I hadn't actually hung out with her in ages, so we talked continuously until 2:00am. We now have blackmail information on each other.

She's such a character. Her place is decorated in early botánica, and she proudly displays her collection of historic Ouija boards and tea-leaf cups. She also fed me some rather interesting vegetarian food. It was quite good, but I've been trying to get rid of the yeasty smell ever since. While I enjoy the smell of fresh-baked bread, I don't seem to like it when I smell it on my breath.

She also made up some ginger ale by juicing some actual ginger and adding other items. She wasn't sure I'd take how spicy it was.

I had to send her back to add more ginger into the mix.

Definitely a good time. We'll be hopefully hanging out again soon - just preferably not cutting into my Hamptons experience next time around.

From there I made my way to Carrows to try to cleanse the taint of unprocessed real food, with some success. Then home, and some of that falling-asleep-in-the-chair stuff. I'm now out of the chair, mostly recovered from the neck pain, and about to climb into bed.

Good night!

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unprocessed real food

must remember safe computing practices:
code is not data
code may execute itself in your system with unpredictable results
always distinguish code from data, and only accept executables from trusted sources

But of course you realize that in biological systems, code and data are inextricably intertwined?