Bruce (kor27) wrote,

That Was Fun, I Think...

Monday's show continued in pretty much the same way it started. It was, simply enough, a good time.

I finished at something like 1:50am, at the end of the 14th rotation. The bar did quite reasonably.

I gathered up all the relevant equipment, and loaded it into the car. It took something like four trips. Fortunately, Lily is quite forgiving.

From there, it was to Mini Gourmet for some decompression, then home to start making books. By 7:30am, I had 3 and a half books bound, with the remaining pages still in the process of printing. I went to bed, and climbed back out at something like 12:30pm.

The fourth book was finished, I got myself clean, and the car was loaded with the remaining necessary shtuff. Then it was off to Southern Lumber to get some oak plywood, then up to my parents' place to do something with it.

I made it up there at something like 4:00pm. After considerable measurement, tool setup, and general fiddling, I found myself in possession of a remarkably handsome dolly, with grooves designed specifically to lock in the rack during transport.

A quick shower, then down the hill - I was supposed to be at SJSU by 7:30pm. I made it by about 7:55pm, which made setup and transport a little tight for a show that was supposed to start by 9:00pm.

I started by 9:10pm. Couldn't have made it without the dolly. I ♥ my new dolly...

I was not expecting that crowd. I expected a group that was slow to put in songs, that was pretty locked into the latest pop, and that made fun of people that deviated from the norm.

Instead, I got a bunch of song requests from all over the map, and a group that applauded enthusiastically for everyone that sang. It was a blast.

I didn't finish the first rotation until around 11:00pm. A lot of people had left, so I was able to fit in a second round, and even part of a third, before closing at about 12:15am.

With tigercutig's help, I got everything loaded back in the car by 1:00am. Then home, dropping off of the stuff that isn't going back to the bar (like the speakers, and the bag of cookies Seth gave me), and back out here to Denny's, where I've been catching up on the day's LJ.

And now I'm going to go home and sleep like the dead.

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