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Bruce [userpic]
Unwind and Prep

Last night's show wound down, but kept going well enough - in the end we did 9 rounds.

Financially it was OK for the bar, if a tiny bit below average. Whatever.

I closed down, poured a timenchanter into the car, and drove him home to bed. Then I went out and had myself some supper and slip design.

If I haven't said, tigercutig arranged for me to do a show at SJSU tomorrow - and I wanted some non-KoC-specific slips. Besides, I've been slowly separating the bar and karaoke stuff for a while now. Now I have a design - if a somewhat boring one - and a pile of slips for tomorrow.

I woke up today around 3:30pm, and, well, first of all got up and to the bank - I have another disbursement check, and I need it to clear ASAP so I can fix the damn car. I'll be able to get at the money next Tuesday.

Then back, more stuff with the slips, and some book printing, before heading out at 6:00pm to pick up Timmie. We had some mediocre Hawaiian food, got me some more printing paper for later tonight, and made it to the bar by about 7:30pm.

We actually had enough people here to start by 8:10pm. Even more surprisingly, I was ready to go by then.

It's been a reasonably good Monday. Not astonishingly busy, but we had a few rotations of 9, and even now, with most people gone, we're at 6.

We've had a couple of really good songs from deekers. Not that it's unusual that they were good - just that he never sings. We had a now all-too-rare visit from hollyk, who needed to get out of the house.

Some of her prayers were answered, because she was still here when Trankenstein showed up.

That's most of the unusual stuff. spawrhawk has been here most of the night, which is always fun. sjgrrrl got tired of me being nice to her, and told me to "bring it." I've been doing my best.

And now back to work.

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Mood: cheerfulcheerful

Why can't I be independently wealthy so I can stay on those nights that end up being so much fun. Grrr... C'est la vie. Glad it was a good night.

What time is your stuff at SJSU?

'Twas quite a fun night - not the least because of your presence.

And into each life some balance must fall. Sucks, but there it is.

And, uh, the SJSU show was nine to midnight. I believe I told you this on the phone...

Not sure. A lot of the day was a fog of sleep dep and panic. But all went well in the end.

Yes, you did tell me that on the phone. Several hours after I made the comment. lol Such is life.

Glad it all turned out alright. :-)