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Not. My. Day.

OK, I'll admit that the problem with getting my taxes done was a matter of procrastination gone wild.  And, having gone through it, I can't blame myself.  Missing documents.  Information required that's unavailable.  A huge, giant, mess.   Thank you, Uncle Sam, for the yearly ability to gnash my teeth in frustration, simply because I'm not a standard wage slave.  Sheesh.

But they're done.  Well, kludged as best I could.  And mailed, with almost an hour to spare.  No thanks to:  "She".  Mena needed a ride this afternoon, and "She" decided to come along.  This became a giant check pickup/shopping trip that took all afternoon while I had no time.  And, of course, became a giant "Why do you hate me so." and "I only dropped you because you said you wouldn't marry me." fest.  Not to mention huge amounts of stomping around, ranting, and general chaos because I said she was a source of chaos.

Yes, I know I could have just told her to fuck off.  Sadly, I still like her.

Then, just to top everything off, the laptop decided that booting was too plebeian for it.  It'll sit and glow green at me, but it won't come up.  It's still in warranty, but of course Acer doesn't guarantee I'll get my hard drive data back, so I should back it up first.  Riiiight.

I may see how hard it is to pull the drive and clone it before I mail it off.  'Twould be nice.  For one thing, all research into new disc purchases is sitting on that drive.

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