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Bruce [userpic]

Last night's show was different - if only because we had a number of new people, and also a number of people in who hadn't been there in a while (supersixy and his sister being an example in a microcosm).

It didn't ever get super-busy - I fit in 7 rounds before closing at (ahem) 2:05am. But it was busy enough, and it was great to see new faces.

And, of course, some of the "older" ones. Of the softball group, snafflekid and celticnoor showed up. Of the Q group, princesskiti22 and trivialt showed up. Keri and I tried to think back, and we believe she hasn't been in to sing since June.

There's something just wrong, there.

The most entertaining new visitors of the night were Aash and Alie, both excellent singers. He knows all kinds of quirky little songs, which makes me very happy, and she has a simply amazing voice. And no concept how good she is. She felt intimidated by all the other good singers.

Very insecure, that one. Hope they come back - they'll fit right in.

We all had a grand time, I shut down reasonably rapidly, got paid by a somewhat less depressed Paula (apparently after the last three weeks, she was "thinking about dropping Thursday karaoke." Oy.), drove a soporific Keri and my equipment to the Duplex, where I unfortunately only offloaded the equipment, then took her in a now more comfortable chair back over the hills to Ben Lomond.

I believe I got her home at 3:30am or so - we made good time. Then I came back across to the Mini Gourmet and a fairly substantial meal, and home just in time to get ready for bed and clear the bathroom as timenchanter's alarm was ringing.

Up and down a few times today, but mostly I've slept. I woke up at 3:30pm, and have done a little since then (including begging off from the parents for this evening), but I'm seriously considering returning to bed. It's my last free day in quite a while - I may as well waste it.

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Dropping Thursday Kareoke makes no sense. Much of the time Thursday is the busiest kareoke night there is. If you had a drop of in the past few weeks it's probably because a lot of people are starting back to school or things like that. I know a lot of people who would be quite dissappointed if there was no kareoke on Thursdays.

I'm not arguing. My main problem here is that Paula looks at the extreme short term. The best month on record followed by a bad month is viewed as the sky falling.

Makes me wonder what she would replace Thursday kareoke with.

Oh, she has nothing. She'd either close (which is worse for her), or try to negotiate to have me take less.

Which I wouldn't mind, because if I did, I'd arrange for it to be like Sunday and Monday - a fraction of gross income. Which means I'd be making more money when things pick back up.

Are you kidding me? Paula is thinking of doing that? No way! That's a staple that can't be changed. I think she would lose business if she tried anything else.

Paula is crazy...

I'm with kizmet on this. It's summer, school is starting, folks have been doing other things, but it will pick up again. It always does.

Hmmm. I challenge you to find anyone who will argue the point "Paula is crazy."

As I just got around to saying to Maggie - she's probably fishing for me taking less money. I may take the bait, in terms of making it a proportional amount of bar gross, like Sunday and Monday.

Which means I'd be actually making money in a couple of months...