Bruce (kor27) wrote,


Monday night's show was... odd. Very odd.

Certainly fun - and, in the end, quite reasonable for the bar.

We were graced by a visit from the ever-lovely spondee, who decided on a whim to wear makeup (If I understand correctly, in part as a memorial to poor Tammy Faye). I wasn't totally sure it was her when I walked over there. Except the posture, clothes, and hair checked out.

I'm not a huge fan of makeup, but damn...

We also had a return visit from Shawn and Cash (sp?). They say they may be able to make it in more frequently than once a month in the near future. 'Twould be cool.

And there were several hours of trivialt, which is always nice. Even if he and Marin conspired to make me sing Man, I Feel Like A Woman...

sjgrrrl was bartending last night, and we had a rotation of 5 to 6 people pretty solidly until around 10:45pm.

When they all left. I actually stopped the show, because, well, there didn't seem to be much point. Then Heather said that thing that she always does: "Maybe we should close down early."

So John walked in around 11:15pm. And she said something like "It's only one customer."

By midnight, we were back up to five people in the rotation, and if memory serves, had a couple of non-singers in the bar as well.

I closed down at 1:50am, at the end of the 16th rotation.

Now, through all that, I will not say that I was doing the best job of picking songs. Frequently people just didn't know what I gave them. But I did pick entertaining songs. At least from my point of view...

After the show, I headed to Mini Gourmet for some food and decompression.

That also felt a bit odd. I mean, not the food. I'm used to that being odd. It's just that the only other group in the place seemed out of a bad rap video. If I understood properly, they were sort of holding a wake for a friend of theirs, so there were all sorts of enthusiastic stories of people beaten up and smashed faces, all of which would have been much shorter without all the "my nigga" interjections.

I don't think any of them were black (I honestly wasn't about to spend too much time staring in order to check).

Only one was female. And she wasn't having too great a time. In fact, after the story in which they were talking about a party with "hella hoes," she appeared to lose all enthusiasm entirely, which seemed to confuse the guy she was with.

I love the Mini.

Then home, and sleep. Today I did lunch with timenchanter, then proceeded to drive all over the south bay. I think I may be sick. I'm not too sure. But there're a few signs, and I know tenshinigami has been sick recently, so I canceled the plan to head to my parents (my dad's pretty delicate), and did some errands instead.

I've priced repairs on the car at a shop I know (about the price I paid for it - I'll have to see what the other place says on Thursday), checked out the location for next Tuesday's show with tigercutig, looked at stuff I may need at Southern Lumber, gotten cabling parts at Guitar Center, gotten other cabling at Fry's, and grabbed some fresh markers at Staples.

I also bought a new atomic clock at Fry's (it was $15...). It matches my bed. It also has a functioning temperature gauge, and shows the phase of the moon. Though for some reason, an empty circle is a new moon, and an all-black one is a full moon. And they're using a table of phases that runs out in 2019. Apparently using the fixed cycle length is too complicated.

I got home around 7:30pm with all my stuff, and dozed. I'm about to go grab some more food, then figure out if I want more sleep, or if I'll do something with all these toys I've bought.

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