Bruce (kor27) wrote,


timenchanter and I didn't leave Salinas until about 5:00pm yesterday. Sadly, while everyone else enjoyed two movies, I just communed with my laptop - and took one of my usual interminable showers of doom.

I thought I felt rested, but it seems that lately "rested" is just something I don't do.

Not that I was the only one. I eventually traded places with Timmie on the drive back because he kept on doing the micro-sleep thing. Not fun in stop&go traffic.

That gave enough time to load the Escort and zoom on up to the bar. Where I proceeded to do little stupidities, exacerbated by the occasional weird software problem.

There was a group there that's planning to take over first Fridays, and I showed them the equipment, and told them to be careful of the settings on the main amp, since it's, well, touchy. But I didn't check them myself.

So I didn't notice that the right-hand speakers were essentially dead until I did the first song. Which meant I didn't go through the (noisy) process of fixing them until the middle of qzar_mystik's first song. Welcome back, Anthony!

Then there was the whole question of the new monitor. I bought a used monitor recently for the setup, largely because it packs into a smaller space. It also uses a DVI connection instead of a VGA one.

Which confused the video driver to no end. It still knew it should send something to the S-Video port, but apparently lost track of what. I didn't start the show until 8:45pm just because I was wrestling with that.

And of course, I didn't notice that the screen was back to being clipped until Trevor, Anthony's friend, sang his first song with letters off the edge of the screen.

So I took a couple of minutes to fix that before the next song.

Then there was the rather fascinating moment of confusion when a swipe of the mouse changed the order of the songs in the song list. I wasn't supposed to be able to do that. When I tried to play them, I discovered that, in fact, I couldn't. The order of the names had changed, but the order of the tracks behind the names hadn't. So I didn't know which track was which. That was fun.

But apart from these little moments, it was a pretty good night. We had a nice crowd, at least up until 12:30am or so. I believe that's when I finished the third round. Rotations 4 through 8 took up the rest of the evening.

lucydogstringer made an appearance, and actually tried a number of new songs. bluize's date/friend/girlfriend/whatever Fred finally got the courage to get up and do 3 songs in front of people. Lizz actually sang most of the songs I gave her.

I got a nice set of hugs out of jorgitoelcubano, and electrichobbit didn't even threaten to cut me.

A nice girl named Sally showed up at the end of the evening, and was eventually convinced by Shawn to sing a song. She's apparently looking for a thin, femme, brunette lesbian. I know they're in the catalog, but I'm not sure we have any in stock.

I did Denny's after shutting down, then headed to home and bed.

Today has been typically non-productive. I've been in and out of bed, but apparently not in enough to not feel tired right now. But I need to get ready for work.

It's such a hard life, ya know?

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