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Bruce [userpic]
Idiot America

I just finished reading this post, which is a copy of a 2005 Esquire article by Charles P. Pierce.

It's probably cross-posted elsewhere, but deserves to be disseminated. I'm surprised I haven't run into it before.

I still remember the beginnings of the first big creationist movement, back in the 80s (before the catchphrase "intelligent design" repackaged the same BS in a shiny new box). Some twit challenged a scientist to a public debate, with the winner declared as the one who got the most applause.

And if you can't see what's wrong with that, you seriously need help. You probably also refer to that Alzheimer's-addled sad excuse for a president that we used to have as "The Great Communicator."

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Actually, he was. It's just that the message he was communicating was crap.

He could deliver a speech reasonably well - as long as he didn't deviate from the script.

As far as I'm concerned, he just proved that it only takes a mediocre actor to act presidential.