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Bruce [userpic]

I was going to go out to Southern Lumber yesterday, and see about getting some wood and stuff for a dolly and support table. But I slept in too long for that.

So I was going to get up in time to have a relaxed dinner before the show.

But I slept too long for that.

So I went through the nearby Carl's drive-thru just in time to make it to the bar, and was apparently still sleeping, 'Cause I somehow managed to rear-end a truck in front of me. Granted, he stopped further back from the street than I expected, and the sun was in my eyes for a little bit, but still: D'Oh!

I doubt he has any damage whatsoever, though I suspect he's going to try to milk this for as much as possible (There's a dent in his bumper that isn't me). I, on the other hand, have a partially smashed headlight assembly, and a dented&distorted hood. Which are all my own damn fault.

I'm getting an estimate of the damages this coming Thursday from the insurance company. I may take it in to a body shop I know before that, just to see what they have to say. It's quite possible I'll be getting nothing from the insurance - I do have a $1000 deductible, after all.

This is going to be fun.

I then proceeded to the bar, where we had the single deadest Thursday night I remember. I'm just not used to running 12 rounds on a Thursday. Especially when I didn't start until 9:30pm.

Of course, I should have started about 20 minutes earlier, but I was having fun playing videos for Nikki. I don't get to see Nikki too often. So that was fun.

And kshandra was there for most of the night, which is also always a good thing.

And Lizz was being her usual annoying "just pick songs from this pile - No! Not that one!" self, which is at the very least entertaining. Even if it does involve a lot of dead air.

And Daniel came back, and sang a bunch of, well, non-standard songs, quite well. Besides doing Rent largely by his lonesome. There were others singing at him, but he was the only one on-mic - and he did it all. Well.

I sang a bunch of songs I normally can't do to save my life, and didn't do too damn badly. timenchanter was also pretty "on" last night, and bemoaned the comparative lack of audience to appreciate it.

Afterwards, I shut down pretty rapidly (slip filing was a breeze), ran through the Paula "Oh woe is me" gauntlet ("No, I don't know why nobody was here."), then joined Kirsten for supper at Denny's, where we did a little bit of yelling back and forth with Lizz and Ron (My phone rang. Lizz: "I heard that!" Me: "It was just viagra spam!").

Towards the end of dinner, I somehow transitioned from talking with Kirsten to babbling semi-coherently, so we finished, and I headed home before I did anything worse to my poor damaged Escort.

Home, unloading, sleep. The usual drill. And I'm not really fully up yet today, which I better get to - I'm meeting people in Mountain View at 7:00pm.

I mean, I was going to drop by Southern Lumber today, but...

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Mood: calmcalm

Southern Lumber is Awesome. Manuel in the mass-ordering dept is very helpful and friendly. Last week entropyca and I ordered $952.00 worth of 2x4x's and thy delivered it next day! They kick ass!

Plus the Denny's across the street has great scrambled-egg dishes.

I've been trying to figure out what the hell you would want with near $1000 worth of 2x4s.

Then it hit me. Right. Stage lumber...

And Lizz was being her usual annoying "just pick songs from this pile - No! Not that one!" self, which is at the very least entertaining. Even if it does involve a lot of dead air.

Considering how shattered my throat was when I finally got up today, I'll take the dead air. ;-)


Nice kid. See my recent post.

I know. 'Twas far from a serious problem last night.

I just have it kind of set in that Dead Air = Bad. A result of what the French call "professional deformation."

How is ron by the way?


Figures. A really cute girl finally gets around to saying hi, and it's only to ask about some boy.

I mean, really... :-p

Anyway, Ron seems to be doing fine, not that he's the most expressive person in the world. He's rooming with Lizz right now.

He looked happy enough when I saw him last night...